Realism in your stories

On a scale of 1 to 10 how realistic do you want your stories to be



Depends. 5 or 6 for longer stories and zero for short stories.

Around 8.

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idk… I feel like it depends on what I’m working on, but usually I like to keep it above a 5 at least

I think in my case it’s more about ‘believable’ than ‘realism’.

You can have flying pigs or cows or a 5 eyed, purple furred goldfish the size of a building and still have it be believable.
but also day-to-day stories that aren’t believable at all due to little details.


About a 8-9. Whether they can happen or not, I want to believe they can happen.



I love having realism in my story even if it’s fantasy

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uhh 7.6 :raised_hand:

Well, my last story was about a murderous ghost, sooo…

I guess at least an 8. Some small technical details might not be 100% accurate for plot purposes, but I want it to all make sense.

I try to do about 8-9.5. Depending on the story.

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