Reasons why you should read manga

  1. What else would you like to do when you’re bored? :joy:
  2. It is interesting and it keeps you busy when you have nothing to do.
  3. There’s literally something for everyone.
  4. Most manga series wrap up pretty quickly, so you get expedited gratification.
  5. If you’re a comic fan, there’s really not any good reason not to!
  6. You’re becoming familiar with another culture.
  7. If you enjoy the art.
  8. Engrossing Storylines
  9. Variety in genres!
  10. And most importantly, it’s free!

@AnimeNerds :eyes:


That title doesn’t make sense. You watch anime but read manga.

  1. Good for the soul.
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  • Rad art
  • Interesting plot
  • Can be funny
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Watch YT.
But seriously mangas+manhwas are awesome

Or when you have a sh*tload of things to do but you wanna procrastinate

I love really longs ones tho

Yes there’s lot to learn

The art is on another level

The most attractive feature

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