Recommend Anime for each character in your username!

Alright, so the point of this thread is to recommend anime based on the characters in your username. My list is going to be big because of the size of my username. Let me start off the thread. I’m going to list some shows that aren’t full animes because of the number of letters.


W: Witchblade
O: One Piece
L: Leap!
F: Fairy Tail
G: Ghost Hunt
A: Attack on Titan
M: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
E: Eden of the East
R: Rurouni Kenshin
G: Ghost in the Shell
I: Inuyasha
R: RIN Daughers of Mnemosyne
L: Love, Death, and Robots



These two are on my watch-it list.

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Yep! I’m already watching One Piece but I have not started Love, Robots, and Death yet!.

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Oh no…uh…I don’t know enough anime.

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Lol no worries!

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