Reflections from a learning loving student

Hello! I haven’t been on here in a while, college has eaten up all my attention and my time.
I live with my parents right now because I live about fifteen minutes from my university. I thought I’d be sad or feel like I was missing out but I enjoy commuting. It’s hard to make friends but it’s always been that way for me. Plus, I’m saving literally thousands of dollars.

I go to a university with small class sizes, which I love. Especially in my major (English), I’m probably not going to ever have a lot of big classes. I truly see these classes as an opportunity to grow and they are really important to me. Aside from having to drag myself out of bed some days, I really enjoy going to these classes. Even the ones others find boring, or where the professor just lectures the whole time. I enjoy listening.

I didn’t expect to love my classes so much, especially since the ones I have now all are required and don’t have too much to do with my major. But I truly find value in all of them and treat them seriously. I enjoy discussions, doing work… etc. It’s still really hard and sometimes I don’t get to the reading or something but I truly am passionate about it and enjoy all my classes. This doesn’t appear to be the case for those around me. People around me are a little bit more apathetic, or just seem to care less about their classes. It’s just been interesting seeing this, I guess.

My university is really expensive, more so than other schools in my area. But there truly are amazing professors, and it’s small so they get to know you. One of the professors who everyone else dislikes because he isn’t very engaging, sometimes I’ll chat with him after class for a few minutes about how I’m interested in this concept he was talking about (this is an intro class on ethics/philosophy). Like one time I brought up how Notes from Underground is totally immoral and crazy in comparison to the structure in Plato’s Republic. He’s the type of person who seems more interested in the content than the students if that makes sense.

I think I’m getting a lot out of these classes. I really do value learning and growing, I try to understand the mistakes I’m making and how to become better. One day we were argument mapping and I had been terrible at it before, but that day I was determined as it was the last argument map and I think I did it really well. I smiled like an idiot afterward. I enjoy being challenged and finding better ways to do something.

I think the friends thing might take a while because you can see how consumed I am with academics lol. I kind of wanted to post this as an update as I haven’t really been on the forums much. I’m a lot more focused on college and classes and such.

I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on this, and what your experience was like first going to college or university?


Nice. What’s the workload like?

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Sorry for not seeing this! It’s a lot at times, it goes up and down. There might be a night where I’m cramming doing a bunch of stuff, but it’s manageable most of the time.