Representation of true love in anime/manga

What are some representations of true love in anime/manga?

So it could be a couple, a poem spoken, an act, scene, really anything in anime or manga that you feel like represented what true love is.

Anyone got anything? @AnimeNerds

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Ban and Elaine in seven deadly sins :sneezing_face:

Zen and Shariyuki from Snow White With Red Hair!!!

Eren and Mikasa from AOT, although it’s tragic.

Alot of the anime and manga I watch and read doesn’t have a focus on romance so stuff like true love isn’t often covered.

But Touka and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul are a rad couple.

Yesss. Best couple.

Kaori and Kousei from Your Lie in April, even though they never actually got together. I do feel like they truly loved each other, even if they never knew the other’s feelings.

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