Researching Military For An Army Story

Hi everyone! I’m writing an Army/Military Story! But I want to get my facts right on it. Where/How would be the best way or places to research for it?


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If you already know where your story is set, then find out what the military of that country is called and what branches it has - once you know that, see if they have a website (if they don’t, try googling the specific thing you want to know because there’s a chance that information is available to the public)

You’re probably going to want to start with the ranks/structures so that they’re properly referenced and then find out their duties
(This information is probably going to be easy to find - for example, if I searched up RCAF ranks to find the rank structure for the Royal Canadian Air Force, the first result is a government of Canada webpage for the air force ranks but even the image results have detailed infographics about the ranks)

If it’s a fictional country, you can either do just general military research or find an existing country’s military to model it after and go from there - of course, in this case, you can alter it however you want


How’s your army story going?

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