Resources You Love When Creating Characters

When creating characters, we can’t help but participate in and do certain things that develop and flesh them out. It helps you in many ways, one being the latter. I don’t have that many resources to use but here are some of them that I like to use:

  • Character Directory by @/astralis
  • That one character spectrum sheet @.idiot.exe shared to me—this one’s fun especially if I get to print it out because you know, coloring xDD I even changed and added some stuff so it’s more fun
  • Google and Pinterest for FCs
  • I also like to go through instagram, model websites, and TMFPW 10 for more specific FCs (hi Siri)
  • And articles from Google-

You can find many resources inside our Forums too, just like Cali’s Flesh Out Your RP Characters thread! Another one is Brooke’s RP Character Questions Threads. Ooh and Beni’s Buzzfeed Quizzes for RP Characters. Even the discussions inside our section can also be your resource :))

@RPers, share resources you love to use!


Yesss, @/astralis’s character sheet I turned into slides, so helpful, don’t know where I would be without it!!
Pinterest and Instagram when it comes to looking for a good FC. Pinterest for names!! All of my characters have names I found on Pinterest :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Cali’s Flesh Out Your RP Characters thread is also a life saver! Love that thread so much


Maybe link the threads you mention here, so RPers can find them easily?

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Sorry, I was going to link them :sob:
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Aww, it’s no worries, don’t be sorry. I was just suggesting it.