Revamped Hold My Hand by Me

Some of you might know that I’ve posted about this story just recently (like yesterday) although I ended up deleting it from wattpad and re-writing the beginning chapters as well as the vocabulary areas. So if you have or have not checked it out – it would be awesome if you checked out the semi revamped version.

Synopsis: One outgoing baker, one money-addicted rich kid, one friendly gym-freak, one careful magician, and one studious adventurer end up going on a quest together. With all things are against them from the start, none of them knowing each other, and three of them butting heads every three minutes – no one thinks they will survive the quest.

One close call to death and they realize they need to learn to trust one another. Although with true feelings and secrets coming out – trusting one another is harder than it seems.

Cover (yes I have one)

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That sounds good to me! I understand the struggle of rewriting chapters. I’ll have a read! It might be a good idea to provide a link for people to use to see it :wink:


I believe I did provide a link. Unless of course its not working.

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I see it now! I’m blind :grimacing:


You had me worried, I thought maybe I did forget it. :sweat_smile:

Glad that you could find it,