RIP Aggie [cw: animal death]

Shakespeare and Co. is one of the most famous bookshops in the world. It’s located in Paris and many book lovers dream to go there because of its legendary status. The bookshop is very cozy and nice on the inside, and one of the things that made it feel the most magic was Agatha, a cat that lived there and sometimes cuddled those who would sit down to read there.

Sadly, Shakespeare and Co. has recently announced in both their IG and their twitter that Agatha (or Aggie) has passed away.

I was lucky enough to visit the bookshop once in 2019, pre pandemic. Seeing Agatha there made me want to stay in the bookshop forever. I sat there for a while next to her and just vibed quietly. She was my highlight of Paris (even though she made me miss my cats who were back home in Colombia), and i’m sure she touched many many hearts of book lovers all over the world.

Here’s the Instagram post telling us about her death, i recommend reading it, it’s a beautiful obituary.

If any of you had the luck of going to Shakespeare and Co. please feel free to share your experiences and memories of Aggie here, reminiscing is a way to keep others alive in our hearts.


Aw, rest in peace, Aggie.


Aww… may Aggie rest in peace. It’s always sad when an animal passes away.