Rockband - Become a Rockstar Video Games

Rockband is a game series made by Harmonix. The series has 4 games total since it was discontinued in 2018 but you can still play the games depending on the platform you have. Rockband is similar to Guittarhero but it allows for more than just the guitar to be played. You can use a drum set, microphone, and two guitars in the game. Watch this video below to see how Rockband changed through the years. The second link is to the main website for Rockband. The third link is for the amazon purchase of Rockband 4 but that’s just for you to get a better idea of what comes with the game.

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I always wanted this game but everyone around me had Guitarhero and I never really got around to buying either of them :sweat_smile: But it seemed like a fun game, especially because you can choose between drums, microphone and guitars!

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Hmm… I think video was deleted. (pondering)

I always love watching these types of games but never keen on actually playing them. What about you, @ethereal?

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