Roleplay Wins (and things done right, title was too short without this)

I love the channel cinema wins (it’s just that voice of his), it gives credit where credit is due and overall positive. That being said, I would like to suggest a similar topic for Rp so we can give credit to what writers are doing right. If you would like to see an example, I’ve put one of mine from an Rp I’m in that made me think of his channel.


“Covering for and mentioning your future school are always wins.” ding ding

Haha! self-compliments. ding

It can be from any Rp, about anything (as long as it’s positive, remember this is Rp wins):

  • Dialogue
  • Description
  • Interactions
  • Personalities
  • Etc.

(And yes, for all you comic fans, I know that you know that the actual address is in New York; however, out of respect for the creator who specifically requested the city change to avoid confusion ( @GlitterFist ) I obliged.)

@RPers (let’s be a little more positive please! :slight_smile: )


Ohhhh, I love this.


Tags added, I love this idea!


Haha lol good job

This is cool!

It’s an example… :eyes:

I was just scrolling through the Blue Royalty RP and this line definitely stuck out to me (as does a lot of @benitz786’s writing) and little lines line this are amazing !!!


You’re too sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooh this is interesting watch out for me Queso @idiot.exe, I’ll bookmark this and see if I can fill this thread :star_struck:

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Wow yes we love a thief who’s hated by discobot :partying_face::v:

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When you create an rp where people start planning chaos together and everyone else just tags along for the sheer fun of the chaos, you know you’re doing something good!

I feel like there are a bunch of great moments in RP’s, @RPers do you guys have any good memories of a roleplay that deserves to be mentioned and pointed out?