RP Anonymous Confessions, Questions and Feedback

aww :pleading_face: thank you chid!!! you are way too kind!!
hmm i am definitely not a pro, but I might say, make sure you let them know you understand/are cool if they do want to leave.


pro tip: add a bunch of exclamation marks and “~” and happy emojis to not seem agressive and demanding


I recommend avoiding sentence starters like “you did [this],” “you didn’t do [this],” “you always,” and “you never” because it may seem like you’re pushing the blame onto them, which might make them defensive. Instead, possibly reword it as “I feel” or “I haven’t felt.” The content of your message will remain the same, though it will probably sound less accusatory.

Example: “You never responded to me; do you want to be in the RP or not?” -> “I haven’t heard from you in a while, so I was wondering if this RP still interested you.”

Like @ethereal suggested above, let them know you’re understanding or ask them how they’re doing. Remember that they aren’t simply another RPer who may or may not still want to be in the RP, but they’re a person who I think would appreciate it if you showed you cared about them. At the least, it would likely encourage them to communicate with you more openly about their availability in the future.


the amount of insensitivity towards poc characters written by white people sometimes in the community can be upsetting and overwhelming :// honestly makes me stay away because I dont have the energy to keep correcting people on what should be basic respect. its the small microagressions that are completely insensitive to a characters background and culture (noticeably east asian ones) even grouping them together and generalizing them. and even referring to the character by their ethnicity etc. etc. theres just a lot to unpack tbh, i wonder how they would feel if i gave the same energy back tho. be like 'i gotta work on my white character brb

LMAO that last line got me I wheeeezed bahahah

I’m sorry though about that yeah, it’s not your responsibility to have to correct others so it sucks that you seem to have to quite often. And I get that feeling, it does get really tiring when it feels like people are just nottt senseing, but at the same time, I wanna say at least they’re trying? Like they’re making the attempt to make poc characters—yeah should it be a given to not make microaggressions or be otherwise insensitive? Yes, of course. But if they’re making the effort to educate themselves and be more aware that they’re being like insensitive, then that’s good isn’t it? I just feel like sometimes people make honest mistakes and then can be corrected once and improve from there but maybe that’s me wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt idk


I actually try use RPing as a way to learn with these things because I know that there are people I can ask if I’m doing it right, so I’m so sorry if you see me doing some of them and getting you offended Dx

I think this is something that all the RPers should hear, honestly, so that they’ll be aware of what they’re doing ^~^

I feel like there are people who are trying, but I think some people get lectured about the topic but still does it again. I’m not referring to anyone here, but I’m saying this so that people who see this will be mindful of their creations the next time : D


Oooh yes, I get that, that is very very frustrating >.> i don’t get whyyyy like just liisten and research and then changeee thee insensitivities skdjfhg

but so for sure this:

Very yes


I havent been in rp for very long, but I know I wont be as involved during the summer, and I already have characters in three separate rps, and Im afraid I wont be able to use my computer or phone (my parents barely allow me to use any electronic during the school year, let alone during the summer!) Im not trying to be a flake or put them up for adoption, but... will I have to?

Honestly bro just talk with the owners of the rps, I’m sure with them you guys can like figure all o that out yknow. It’s hard for me to comment much when I don’t know the situation and I don’t know the RPs so yeah literally just talk to the rp owners, can’t go wrong there~


Anon this is so valid. I’m all for correcting/educating people but it does get exhausting when you need to practically work for (?) the same level of basic respect as others >.<

THIS. It’s the small comments brushed off with a “I didn’t mean it” like ??? No, what was (almost always) said was said and meant. It’s about accepting it was wrong and learning from it not brushing it off as something like dropping a plate. I honestly respect people who can own up to their wrongs and learn but when people try using ignorance as an excuse, it doesn’t sit well with me :’)

Exactly :skull: honestly I’m glad someone else has pointed this and pls feel free to hmu anon


anon i agree 1000% with you
educating white people on POC should be their own responsibility, but tbh it feels like a lot of people here are expecting to be given all info in a silver platter
i don’t correct people very often bc i know i can get angry or come off too strong and the last thing i want is to make a mess because my words were not quite right? so props to you for correcting others, i admire the heck out of you for that

honestly i find the microaggressions even more tiring than outright bigoted comments? because those are rare and we can flag them and stuff but a lot of microaggressions seem to get a pass from most forums users? and they happen very often? which makes it worse

and as Clio said a lot of people shield behind the “i didn’t mean it like that” or something like that? and like
it’s about the impact and lack of cultural sensitivity? and in most cases the issues repeat? by the same people? so it really makes me doubt whether they “didn’t mean it” or not, bc at this point it seems some people just don’t want to respect other cultures
and, again, it should be up to them to educate themselves (and i don’t mean just one google search and clicking the first link)

and, again, as Clio said, hmu anytime bc hoo boy do i have things to talk about


I agree with Chid that it should not be your responsibility nor any other POC’s responsibility to constantly help others, especially in a space that’s supposed to be relaxing and fun. I understand how draining it is and why you would want to take a break. Honestly, I encourage everyone to research before asking people on the forums to provide feedback. This is in regards to anything ranging from culture (links: x, x, and x) to FCs (reverse image search and find the name of the model, rather than assuming based on facial features alone).

I agree. Although I think the community is very open-minded and well-intentioned, people still have to take accountability for the impact of their comments. It’s fine— even encouraged— to experiment with new character ideas, even if you make mistakes. Regardless of how careful we are, it is still a learning process. However, refusing to listen to people and repeating the same mistakes when you likely have access to the same online resources as most people here, is actively choosing to be ignorant. Even people who have lived the experience may not be experts themselves and often need to do supplemental research.

I promise that your writing will absolutely reflect your lack of understanding. It will be more work to write outside of your lived experiences and to explore the identity of people different than your own, but isn’t that what roleplaying is? If you want to stay in your comfort zone and only write what you know, then I think you should stick to a diary.


There is this one character who is just so hard for me to write. Like we be getting behind on replies and I feel bad for the person who is waiting but idk how to put myself in his shoes like I do with all my other characters

Ooo well there are quite a bit of threads that can aid you with that—if you don’t want to just like dip the character (LMAO) then yeah it might help to do some of those character development excercise just to get into their head


“Flesh out Your Rp Characters” - essentially Cali has posted a bunch of questions and you can scroll through and answer like any you want—just check out the OP for some guidelines and such. It’s really helpful with getting to know your character some more yknow

@pomme made (correct me if I’m incorrect about that-) this slideshow that has like 12309462 for a singular character, so definitely making your own copy and like going through can make you really immerse yourself into le character

Also, Brooke’s RP character question is like very useful for developing your characters, so if you ever feel like doing a sort of Q&A for your character, just sign up here and make sure to ask questions on this weeks thread (and like every week after that but yes)!

ALSO OKAY making picrews (picrew.me) of your character can be really like helpful into getting you into that character, especially if you’re really thinking about like outfit choice and expression they’d probably wear. And if it’s not helpful it’s still really fun okay so win win truly

Answering the questions on this thread (quite accurately called Extra Long Sheet of Character Questions AHA) could help ya too

AlsOOO take the zodiac quiz—some of the questions are vv random so you actively have to step into your character yknow. And at the end it’ll give you the sign that most matches their personality according to the answers you gave! So you get a lil more insight on who they are yknow and I mean if the zodiac sign really vibes with the idea of them that you had in mind, you could always looka t other sources to find out more traits associated with that sign! There is a specific question about like what planet or something they’re most associated with, so for that, if you didn’t want to just, guess, this website is pre helpful

Speaking of personality though, the https://www.16personalities.com/ test is SO HELPFUL. Like there are a LOT of questions, but it’ll usually take under 10-15 minutes and then you get like multiple pages of informtion about their personality.

There’s honestly a whole lot more like but I think you get the point :joy:


oop I relate. But taking time to flesh your character out is really useful.


I really need to ask this person to reply but... I feel so bad about it. Like, what if there going through something? or what if they feel like Im rushing them?

It’s really okay to remind people of replying; I don’t think they’ll be mad about you reminding them at least just once, because—well—you’re roleplaying with them. I understand the worry, but reminding them of the reply doesn’t just actually remind them of it but also let you know why or when they are replying. Maybe, yes, they are busy but forgetting can also be a reason. Really, you won’t know unless you ask ^~^

Especially if you think you’ve waited for too long. You can also reassure them that they don’t need to rush over it, though!

actually guilty of this because I’ve not been replying to an RP post for quite a long time now

is this confession for me rip

hi skskksksks owowow I am posting a confession mom are you proud of me-


recently Ive seen a lot of people apologizing for short rp post.... while I sit in the corner with barely a paragraph :grimacing:


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someone PLEASE teach me how to make banners like @novellas before i lose it :sob::sob: theyre so gorgeous PLS-

ask @novella bro like idek how she does I just know whatever she does makes them turn out beautifully


Huge mood.


Sometimes I really want to reply to certain characters more than others but I also dont want to be rude by not responding to people who had a character before the one I want to reply to

To be honest I’m confused hahaha more painful laughing :flushed: but ummm if it’s just replying and you’re not stepping

oh wait ok I think I know what you’re talking about now!

ok so there are really some times when you’re not motivated or your interest is not balanced and the other shadows the other, and I think that’s okay… I’ve been there. Yes, the others will feel unfair about it though (I’ve also been there) :sweat_smile:

you can just maybe say you don’t want the conversation anymore, or leave the conversation? though if you still want it, you don’t need to reply with really long posts. just reply to move the conversation and maybe things can get as interesting as the other too? :woman_shrugging:


How do I write a cruel character? Shes the daughter of a man eating witchI mean, I could make the apple fall far from the treehelp.

channel all your inner rage

haha well separate your own conscience from the character you’re making and tbh just go crazy :eyes: also, you can narrow down or make the term “cruel” more specific too! like, who are they cruel to? why and how are they cruel? etc…

ok so the first thing that comes to mind is looking at the chaotic/evil alignments-

PM me if you want further help?


channel your inner book one kazoozoo