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Now that we’ve had a chance to settle in and grow as an RP community, why don’t we all take a chance to think about what we all want to know about our favorite RP characters. I’m sure we all have things we would like to know about so many of them, just the topic never comes up in the RP. However, now we all have our chance.

Like the weekly questions thread where a user is randomly selected to be the questions star for the week, this is where characters from any RP or SG can be selected to answer any questions that an RPer may want to know.


  • Question threads will be posted on Fridays and will remain open for 1 week.
  • Any user, whether they are an RPer or not, may ask questions.
  • The questions are not being answered by the creator. They are answered by the character themselves. Please answer from the character’s perspective.
  • An RPer will not have their characters chosen in back to back weeks.
  • You must ask at least one question for each of the featured characters in the week to remain in the running for the next week.
  • You must be part of this new tag, @RPQuestions, to have your character/s chosen. You may join this tag even if you don’t sign up a character, if you want to be notified of the weekly thread.

Each week will star one RPer’s character, but they can choose to let two characters star in the same week. If this is the case, they must own both characters, and both must be in the same RP or SG. The exception for this is in the case of two users having sibling characters. If each RPer desires, they may opt in to share the question thread for their sibling characters. (A few other exceptions may apply in certain cases.)

Signing Up

You can choose as many of your own characters to sign up as you want, but they must be from an RP or SG that has started, though if the RP or SG has died that is still fine. The RP or SG just had to get past the signup stage.

Write the character’s name and what RP or SG they were/are from when you sign them up.

A character can be selected a second time, but you have to sign them up again first due to the quantity of characters there are in the community.

If your character is chosen, you will be PMed prior to the opening of the thread to ensure that you can be active, and to see if it will be a single or double question thread.

How a character is decided

First, an RPer that has signed a character up on this thread will be randomly chosen.

Then if they have many characters across many different RPs that they have signed up for a questions thread, there will be another random pick of which RP or SG the chosen character will be from. Then the character will be randomly chosen from the remaining choices.

If the chosen RPer has a small number of characters that they have signed up for a questions thread, then the character will just be randomly chosen from there.



Okay, guys, c’mon this is an awesome idea!!!

Signing up Hanuel Jaw-Hwa


Seraph - Hidden in the Embers
I would love a go :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:



I know, right?!

Signing up Callie Charming :eyes:



Miles Corbin - Like grove

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Thanks Ani!

Your characters have all been added to the list! Feel free to sign up more!


Eyy isn’t this a great idea!

I shall get Merthiel Pacefa signed up

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Love this!
Leo Van Doren - Lime Grove


Awesome! Your character is on the list!

You’re on the list! From which rp though?


Remember guys! When you sign up a character I stated this in the first post!

If you tell me what RP they are from, that makes my life a lot easier!


Fairytale-d!, I’m sorry Dx

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It’s fine, thank you! I was thinking it was FTD but I wasn’t sure!

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I just realized the peak reboot took out like half of my total RP

Singing up Leo (MDCLA), Morgan (PEAK), Ella (lol imma regret this) (MDCLA) and Harlow (The Selection AKA The Royal Bachelor) ^^


They’re all added to the list

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Don’t forget, you can sign up as many of your own characters as you want!


This week’s question thread is up! A little late than intended, but now it’s time to ask some more characters questions!

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@phnx @Nil @astxrism @CerealKiller @Sophia1233 @ethereal @katabasis

A new rule has been added to have your characters in the running for a questions thread. You must ask at least one question for each of the featured characters in the week to remain in the running for the next week.

This week features two characters, so you must ask at least two questions this week to have yours featured next week.


Can I sign up Ray Blackwood and Emma lockwood from CHB

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Aria Griffin - Lime grove

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