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As you heard in the other chat, this question thread is SPECIFICALLY for questions for New Blood Characters during the RP. However, please note: These questions are POST-specific. If you want your character to have general questions thread, please sign up here and @Littlefeets can set that up in the future.

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Note: Please let me know if you are not interested in being asked questions. I will remove you from the above list.

Okay, so how is it going to work? Well this is what we’re going to do. If you want to ask a question to one of these characters, feel free. However, remember to LINK the post that is being discussed.


Finley Klein @astxrism

  1. Fin, Why are you lying to the poor girl? Do you not feel like an awful person?

Note: Make sure to tag the person you are asking. You can do more than one question or question to multiple characters per post just MAKE SURE to always tag who you’re asking, link the post it’s about, and state which character (don’t tag @benitz786 and not say which of my 5 characters you want to ask :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Alright; Have fun asking. Keep track of your own questions and answer at your own pace. Thank you and good night, Beryl.

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Needed someone as an example

  1. But like why’d you break the elevator bro @CerealKiller
  1. So um, are you going to give him money or… he wouldn’t say no @astxrism
  1. You basically killed your dad dude… um… why?
  2. Are you going to like… go see him?
  3. I suggest not going


”No. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a stupid lie.“


i like

”You thing I got stuck in an elevator with him intentionally?

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Well you are in his apartment complex in his elevator going up to his floor

You sound a lil obsessed with him, darling

”NO. I mean, no… He seems perfectly fine but… maybe he should get something to wear”

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Well rude

can he borrow your clothes?

”As I said I wasn’t there for him, you know, it’s an apartment complex not a private house”

”You sound a little obsessed with me, darling”

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But you’re still banned. So maybe just leave :triumph:

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”I leave when I want to not when a salty guy with an oversized ego and a sht quality elevator tells me to. plus i pretty much can’t considering this elevator was probably made before my parents were”

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Who were you there for then?

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”Didn’t realise this was a police investigation”

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Didn’t realize you only had bs excuses