RP Character Question Thread - Amanda & Clara

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Amanda and Clara Weston-Lucier!

Amanda was made by me, and Clara was made by @Caticorn so feel free to tag us with questions for our characters!

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  • Do you think you’re sexy?
  • What do you do at 6pm on Fridays?
  • Do you kill ants?
  • What’s your favourite Olympic sport?
  • If any sibling could be your sibling, who would that person be?
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  1. Thoughts about Paige Pierce
  2. Thoughts about Mason Mitchell
  3. Thoughts about Mateo Perez?
  4. THoughts about Enrique Montoya
  5. Thoughts about Amelia Grace?
  6. So I heard you were fcking Quinn and Amelia walked in and got a concussion. How was that? Were you… you know… satisfied?
  7. What was Blue royalty talking about? Where were you?


  1. How long have you been anorexic?
  2. Like throwing up everything you eat or?
  3. Is it because you have daddy issues?
  4. Err… how are you and your boy friend?
  5. Does your sister know about 1. your boyfriend, 2. your anorexia?
  6. Thoughts about Paige Pierce?

@Littlefeets @Caticorn

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Clara: Sometimes, but not often.

I’m usually at ballet class

No way. I hate ants and killing them would require me to be near them.



Well I like to think so at least.

I do. I don’t go out of my way to kill them or anything, but I do.

Soccer, without a doubt.

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I can’t say I really know the girl, but she does have some good taste and she is damn good looking.

rolls eyes
Can we not talk about him please?

Yeah, Amelia just had to walk in. I don’t know what’s with him and her, but she completely distracted him when she came in, then she hit her head and that was it. It was frustrating, and of course not.

I was with my aunt. I just needed a change of pace for a while.

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I don’t see why you need to know this, but three years

I really don’t want to get into this but that’s not it.

What? No.

We’re great! He’s really amazing.

She knows about my boyfriend, all of my family does, but until the message went out, she didn’t know about my anorexia.

She’s gorgeous, I won’t deny that, but somehow she always knows exactly what to say to get under my skin.

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Why is your name Amanda?
Best fair ride?
Would you rather drown or fall to your death?
Best snack food ever?
If you could force your creator to do one thing, what would it be?
Do you like hot chocolate?

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I used to love buttered popcorn, so I’m going to say that.

That’s a good question. I don’t know.

I have no idea but there probably isn’t a lot.

Yes, I do!


Because I was named after our dad’s mom who died years before me and Clara were born.

Yeah, bananas are alright.

Probably the Tilt a whirl.

Neither, but if I really have to pick between them, falling.

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Clara: @Caticorn

  • Why didn’t you tell Amanda about your anorexia?
  • You and Quinn are on friendly terms, right? Thoughts on him having sex with Amanda? And about him leaving her before they were done to check on Amelia who walked in on them?
  • So, Amanda was gone for a year. How does it feel to have her back home all of the time?
  • Alright Clara, be completely honest here, which of your dads are you closer to, Maverick or Dominic?
  • As we all know, both of your fathers were soccer players in high school, your dad Maverick even is a soccer coach, and Amanda is a soccer player herself, what about you? Are you someone who likes to play soccer as well, or do you just want to be the one cheering others on?
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I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want her treating me any differently. I also didn’t think I could handle seeing the reaction on her face.

Yes, we are

Um, good for him? I probably could’ve gone without knowing that. My sister’s sex life isn’t my business.

Kind of a d-ck move, not going to lie.

In a way, I feel whole again and it’s made me realize how much I missed having her around. It also feels good to go to sleep without worrying if my sister is still alive or not.

I want to preface this by saying that I love both of my dads equally but I feel like I’m closer to my Papa (Dominic).

I like playing soccer when it’s in our backyard and we’re just having fun, but I could never play it at the same level as my dads or Amanda. At that point, I’d rather be in the stands cheering them on.


Amanda: @Littlefeets

  • What was your reaction to finding out about Clara’s eating disorder?
  • Okay, complete honesty, which of your dads are you closer to?
  • You obviously love soccer, do you plan on making it your career? Or do you have something else in mind for after you graduate?
  • If you could turn back time and make it so that your dads never got divorced, would you?
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Which would’ve been worse in your opinion, Quinn leaving Amanda to check on Amelia, or staying with Amanda and not checking on Amelia who had a concussion?

  • Do you think you’re closer with him because you spend more time around him,? Or do you think it could be because you’re his biologically or how you were named after someone in his family?
  • What do you think about your stepfather? Are you glad he married this guy? Or do you feel like he’s trying to replace your dad (Maverick) in a way?

Okay, when you put it like that, obviously it would’ve been worse if he’d left Amelia alone with a concussion.

Biology has never mattered to me and like I said, I don’t love one of my dads more than the other, I’m just closer with Papa because that’s who I live and spend most of my time with.

I like Colin and I know that he makes Papa happy but I won’t lie, there were times when I wondered if he was just trying to replace my dad, especially at the beginning of their relationship.

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I was completely caught by surprise, but bothered more by the fact that my sister had kept what she was dealing with from me more than what it actually was. Of course it makes me worry about her. She’s my twin sister, I’ve only got one and I want her to be alright.

As much as I do love both of them, and I know Clara is closer to Papa, but I’m closer with Dad. I always have been.

If I’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my life after graduation, but I know I’d love to be a professional soccer player.

I would. I know they’re both happy now, but I would.

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Would it have bothered you less if she’d told you herself instead of you finding out through a text message?

Is there anything in particular that draws you closer to him?
What do you think about your stepfather, Colin?

Bonus question - So you’ve never met your grandmother on Dominic’s side because he cut off all contact with her before you were born. If you had the chance to meet her, would you take it?


I wish she would’ve told me herself. It hurts to find out through Blue Royalty about something that would’ve been better coming from her.

I’m not sure, I’ve just always been closer to him. I just think about all the times with Dad when I was younger, the times we would play soccer together just us, and just everything.

He’s fine I guess. Its not that there’s something wrong with him, he’s just not my dad.

I would meet her.

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  • If you had the chance to meet your grandmother on Dominic’s side, would you take that chance?