RP Character Question Thread - JP

This week, the question thread will feature a character from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The character for this week’s question thread is, Julian Paul Medina!

This characters was made by @CerealKiller so feel free to tag her with questions!

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Jullian… wtf kind of 50 shades sht did you get yourself into? @CerealKiller


JP: @CerealKiller

  • Why? Why did you agree to Amie with her contract?

  • So, was there anything you did with Amie that you hadn’t done before?

  • Thoughts on…

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”Life is crazy”

”honestly why not?”

”there were a few things yes”

”I don’t know honestly, not really my favourite person out there”

”hes alright I suppose ”

”Dont know them too well but they seems nice”

”shes fun ”

”not sure about her tbh”

I don’t think we plotted those and we should

”Sophie’s an amazing girl honestly, anyone would be lucky to have her in their lives”

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We really should. We need to plot more for everyone…

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So Julian

  1. Amie reached out to you and basically gave you a whole ass presentation about this. What was going through your mind as she… proposed this?
  2. What was the first… idk time like?
  3. So after the reveal - she asked to live with you… isn’t that against the contract “stay over rules”
  4. You don’t have any feelings for amie right?
  5. How’s lenora feeling about all of this?



”Well I was a little confused at first but with time I just realized just how amie this is”

”first first was a little weird because it was a new situation for both of us but it ended up becoming a nice thing”

”could say that, but also technically it isn’t, because we sleep in different rooms”

”At least I don’t think I do ”

”i think that’s more of a thing you should ask Lenora. But I don’t think she’s against it”



What if I told you amie had sex with Quinn Castillo a month ago

Dw no stds

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”Amie did what??”


Amelia Grace Taylor DeLoughrey had sex with the second person ever

aren’t you proud? @CerealKiller

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is that a bad thing?

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”…quinn though?”

”not at all”


Yes. Quinn Castillo. Dude with all the tats and is kind of an assh0le to everyone.



  1. Since the reveal, have you and Amie still been having sex?
  2. Rate Amie’s sex game from 1 to 10
  3. Sex on drugs didn’t exactly go right huh? How was it chasing Amie around?
  4. Did you know about Amie’s notebook? Thoughts about the BJ page that blue royalty showed?
  5. Are you gonna stop that anytime soon?




”its definitely improving”

”wasnt that great tbh”

”up to her”

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I asked you to rate it


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JP, bit of a change from all the s€x questions, but what’s your favorite color?

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