RP Character Questions Thread - Alejandro & Katarina

This week, the question thread will feature 2 more characters from the Mystic Lake Academy RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Alejandro Cavallero and Katarina Dracula!

This character was made by @Ouijaloveletters, so feel free to tag her with the questions for her character!

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What is it like being Supernatural?

Have you ever thought about being human

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I guess it’s weird maybe? I’ve never been anything different than I am, so I can’t really compare.
My mom is fully human, so I’m half human. I like both sides of myself.

Amazing. I can do anything. Sure, my self control isn’t what it was, but there’s so much I can do now.
I was human for 18 years of my life. I wouldn’t go back to that. I had enough time of being looked at as a blood bag.

What creatures are you? What’s your favorite food?

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Well, my mom is human, but my father was an alebrije.
That’s a tough call, but it would have to be churros. I could eat them all day.

A vampire.
Well, before I would have said a nice steak, though now I’d say either O+ or A- blood.

So, when you say your last name is Dracula, do you mean, like… the Dracula?
Do either of you, like, eat people, and if so, how do you avoid legal repercussions and/or hide the bodies?
How do you brush your teeth without a reflection? Your hair? Do you show up in pictures?

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No! I don’t! I wouldn’t hurt anyone, just give them guidance As I can.

Why yes. He’s my father.
I don’t eat people, I just drink their blood. Things are, complicated when you have to deal with the body. My father is more of an expert on this than I am.
Do you need a mirror to brush your teeth or hair? But yes I show up in photographs. Not everything you hear about vampires is true, or even the case for all.

What’s your favourite place on earth?
Do you believe in astrological signs?
What TV show character do you relate to the most?

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Probably home.
Hard to say. In some ways yes, some ways I’m not sure.
I really, really don’t know. There’s not one in particular that comes to mind.

My favorite place on earth? That would have to be a nice little waterfall near my home.
I’m not really sure. I don’t know much about them.
I… I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t really watch any television.

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