RP Character Questions Thread - Ari & Tsumuji

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Ari Lee and Nakamura Tsumuji!

Both are made by @Kristi so feel free to tag her with questions!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 2 questions this week.

@RPQuestions @NewBlood you may be interested in learning more about these characters


ARI! Why do you do this to Miaaaa?! Also, hi Tsumuji. You seem like a very respectable person.

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What’s the most traumatic thing that happened to Ari and Nakamura?

What is something they aspire to be or to do?

Do they have an idol and if yes, who?


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Questions for both:

  • What do you think about the Blue Royalty game?
  • Do you think you’re going to win?

what do you mean? I am literally helping her, she is so lazy, ugly and annoying. Also it’s her fault! She poured a drink on me when I was wearing my 78th favorite outfit and made me forget my original plan.

Omg you think so? Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: I would really love to be friends with you! You seem cool.

Two words: Bong-cha birth

Well there was a time I witness one of my friends being abused. See, I always thought of my friend parent as nice, but what I say made me shook. He carried a bottle and h- I’m sorry I don’t want to talk about it, don’t be mad please.

Becoming someone even greater than my parents

Having a type of career that allows me to help people!

My parents, cousin, Ariana Grande, Little mix and Blackpink

Britney Spears

A game I can make my parents proud so they would continue to focus their attention back on me!

A-an activity? A competition that would be fun?

I’m going to crush this game babe, anyone who stands in my way will be burned.

Not really

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Tsumuji, what is your ethnicity?

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Ari, why do you think you’re so much better than everyone else?

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I’m Japanese :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

*blinks * I don’t know, because I am? Like I’m sorry that I am doesn’t mean you have to be so bitter lmao.
Why do I think I’m better than everyone else? Like cuz I am??? Hello

Who do you think will win blue royalty? Top 3!

Who do you think will cause the most drama this year?

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Cool! You should meet Mia. I think she’d like you.

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Me, Me, Me
Wait actually, I guess: Me, Hera and whoever is good enough for me

I know not everyone will win, sad :sob: :sob: but maybe Jayleen, Elijah and Mia.



I would love too!

Sorry sweetie, but you’re not. Welcome to Cerulean high where most of your classmates certainly won’t see you as anything more than a diva.

What is it really that makes you think any of your classmates should think you’re better than them? Is it just your rich parents?


Does it look like I care? I’m still better than all of you lmao. Your parents could be the queen of some country and I still would be better because I’m Lee Ari the one and only. Just because i’m hotter and better doesn’t mean you have to be bitter with the whole ’ won’t see you as anything more than a diva.’ like ok? And? I’m still going to do better than them.

I already know they are rich people in Cerulean High so no. But it’s because I am me, and me is better than you and everyone in the school combined. Sorry not sorry.

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@Kristi, can Mia slap Ari? Please?

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unless she wants to get sued, I wouldn’t think is a good idea-

And she has two bulky huge bodyguards at her side right now and Ari can also slap- so only if she can run really fast then I guess.

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Better not.

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Don’t worry someone will end up slapping her soon anyways,

As if

  1. So, Ari, are you going to take a drink of that fabulous punch tonight?
  2. So you’ve been at C. High for 4 years - is anyone tired of your bratty attitude yet?
  3. Out of everyone else, why do you think you’re going to win? You’re not even a legacy (actually I’m not sure if you are or not correct me if I’m wrong)


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No, but maybe you should try it :slightly_smiling_face:

No, i’m just awesome

Babe, look you’re right that I’m not legacy but if there is one thing I know is that i’m going to win. You actually think anyone else would be able to beat me? Girl what universe are you living in?

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Why are you better than someone who’s parents rule a country? I want detailed reasons. Otherwise, I have no reason to think you’re anything special.

Why though? Because you are the only person who thinks you’re better than them?