RP Character Questions Thread - Bryan & Ray Blackwood

This week, the question thread will feature two more characters from Camp Half Blood! The two characters for this week are, Ray & Brian!

Both characters were created by @Sophia1233! Feel free to tag her with questions for her characters!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here and ask these characters some questions!

@RPers @CHBRPers Y’all may be interested in learning more about these characters.



Okay, so do Bryan and Ray not have any likes and dislikes at all? They just love everything adequately and have no preference?

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@Sophia1233 Favorite food for both characters?

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Do you like doggos?

For Both Characters:

How long have you been at Camp?

How did you discover that you’re demigods?

What are your abilities and how did you discover them?

Favorite place in camp?

Weapon of choice?

Bryan Blackwood

About 6 months

Monsters attack my home. My grandparents died.

None if I can avoid it. I hate to fight.

Anywhere with a good view,I love to draw landscapes

Sure. Dogs are okay

Gammies cookies.Ray tries her best to recreate them. She is close something is missing. Not sure what exactly.

Ray fighting is a big dislike for me. I love my art. I have a dislike of art critics

Peace Aura- Discovered that on the way to camp. monster almost surrounded us not far from the barrier. Didn’t think it would work on them. Let alone Ray and the satyr. Ray didn’t like him for some reason. It makes demigods calm too. not sure how far the I can go with the peace aura as I call it.
I also found out when at camp I can make people’s presence disappear for a short time though I do pass out after I use it.
Ray says I can turn into a dove. I don’t believe her. turning into a bird is just weird.

Ray Blackwood
About 6 months.
Monsters attack my grandparents house. Bryan doesn’t remember much of what happened can’t blame him if I am honest. I blacked out my defeating the monsters. By the end of it the satyrs that was meant to lead us to camp arrived to help but it was too late for my granny and papi
Throwing knives or short swords
training area/. I love a good fight

Dogs are okay, snakes or doves are better

Chicken wings covered in my secret BBQ sauce.


A good fight
Bryan stopping me from fighting
People thinking I am calm when most of the time in a stressful situation I am not as I appear to be
Incompetent satyrs. After all if our arrived earlier my grandparents may still be alive.

Turing in to a snake. - during my first fight against monsters. managed to avoid a car being thrown at me. Didn’t think I could do that. Still don’t have control of that ability. It looks like I can do it at will.
Talk to snakes and doves. Its probably to do with the fact they are mothers symbol animal.
I can make people calm like Bryan, Though his works on monster for a minuet or two. Kind of jealous that he can do that. make everyone calm and peaceful is cool to I guess. :woman_shrugging:

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Doggos are best

yes they are :slight_smile:
good with DID in my opinion

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For both characters:

  1. Do you feel accepted at the camp?
  2. What are things that scare you?
  3. Any immediate family members left?
  4. Do you think the trials are an efficient way to find out who the traitor is?
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For both characters:

Favorite color?
Best thing to ever happen to you?
Favorite animal?
Best part about being a demigod?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

Bryan Blackwood
Favorite colour? Blue
I love Doves. they seem so peaceful when they are flying around.
being a Demigod is okay the best part is having a community of people that understand you yet everyone is different.
change about my self? My fighting ability. I am no use in a fight, I prefer to avoid it where I can.
The camp feels very welcoming even after the fall of new york and the other pantheons came to join us.
fighting and snakes scare the hell out of me.
Trails? like the court room drama grammie watched. Yes though people could lie or the evidence easily manipulated. If only something like wonder womans laso of truth existed then a trail isn’t quite needed.If you know what I mean :slight_smile:
Family member that are alive would be Ray my little sister and my mother the goddess of peace Harmonia

Ray Blackwood
Immediate family members would be harmonia - goddess of peace and Bryan my older brother.
Brayn’s look of disappointment after I get into a fight.
Not really things can easily be biased depending on who is running the show.
The camp was very welcoming then new york happened and the trail. I think the seeds of distrust have been sowed
I love snakes the most.
Green is the best colour around.
Change about me? … Maybe how easily I get into fights.
best part about being a demi god to me is turning into a snake.
Finding a second place I can call home after my grandparents dies.

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For both:

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Swimming or Running?
What’s your favorite element?
Ice Cream or Cake?

For both characters:

What is your relationship like with your sibling?
How would you react if you were told they were injured or killed on a mission?
What is one thing you want to make certain your sibling knows?
How would you react to meeting a half sibling, as in another demigod with your same parent?

For both characters:

What is your star sign?
What is your biggest fear?
Where is your favourite place in the world?
What would you say is your biggest flaw?

Bryan Blackwood
Ray’s cookies even if she never finds what it is missing.
I can’t think of what I would be like with another sibling. Ray is hard enough to handle.
Biggest flaw the lack of ability I have in a fight.
Star sign taurus :taurus:
I would be lost if Ray died, we have been together for as long as I could remember. I don’t know what I would do if she died.
I would love Ray to know sure I hated her fights but that doesn’t mean I love you any less. Its just who you are. After all where there is peace there is Disorder. Kind of like me and you :slightly_smiling_face:
Biggest fear fights or death
Wind I think that’s what you meant.
Anywhere Ray is feels like home. Is that because we have always been together?
Not really sure.
Running over swimming

Ray Blackwood
I would spread the rest of my life eating, my signature bbq chicken wings.
Running is better over swimming.
Water, it is calming yet can be furious and scary at times.
Ice cream. It’s my favourite thing to make after my bbq chicken wings.
Star sign gemini :gemini:
Think I would take meeting a demigod with the same mother fine. I think their is a Demi god at camp with mothers Roman form. I could be wrong. I have Bryan as a big brother so I hope if I do meet them they are younger than me.
My biggest flaw, the ease I get into fights. I love a good fight but I can often join them without thinking.
Biggest fear? Either losing Bryan, or him being disappointed in me. There is a bigger one but its a secret.
Favourite place would be my grandparents house before the monsters came.
Bryan and I are fairly close. It’s an odd one. I would say. I relied on him to tell me stories of his school days. If he died I would be lost.
I would love Bryan to know I love with always. And I’m sorry for getting into all those fights.

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For both characters:

Best memory with your sibling?

Who at camp do you respect most?

Who at camp do you admire?

Who at camp would you like to learn from?

@Sophia1233 these are the last questions for your characters. If you don’t want to answer them, just state it here. Otherwise, after they are answered their week will be over

Will answer them once the monster are asleep. Guessing you want the thread closed afterwards

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Sounds good, just wanted to let you know that you could still answer these questions even though the new week’s thread was up. Yep, afterwards the thread can be closed.

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