RP Character Questions Thread - Dieter & Fern

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Fairytaled RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Dieter Von Toten and Fern Blanchard!

Both of these characters were made by @Ouijaloveletters so feel free to tag her with questions for her characters.

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 2 questions this week.

@RPQuestions @FTDFam you may be interested in learning more about these characters

  • Have you met your roommate yet? If so, what do you think about them?
  • What have you thought about the school so far?
  • What have you thought about the other students you’ve met so far?

Do you find anyone hot here?


Who is the most aesthetic pleasing from the people you met?

Apples or banana?

Favorite meme


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questions for Dieter:
What is something that most people get wrong about you?
do you have any fears?
If you had to choose one cause to dedicate your life to, what would that cause be?
Do you day dream?
If so, what about?
What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?

questions for Fern:
Who’s left the greatest impression on you?
What (if you have any) stories from your life will you tell your children about (assuming you have children)?
What was the worst purchase you’ve ever made?
When and how did you find your style?
You can disconnect your head, correct?
If so, what was the first time you did that like?

questions for both!
Did you ever have a dream job?
Favorite color?
Favorite animal?
If you died today, what would your greatest achievement be?
Do you have any friends yet?

Dieter: Yeah. I met him. He’s ok. Pretty much what I expected, but I do hope he doesn’t hate me. Oh well.

Fern: Yes, I have. She’s very sweet. I might have scared her…I didn’t mean to.

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I mean, the vampire girl I met is pretty. Not a crush, though.
Again, Vampire girl. I never learned her name.
Hide the pain Harold. Here’s an example for you.

mumbles Death.

Crushes? Oh…My roommate…Petra…hides
Yet again…Petra. I have a problem.
I like apples! The crunch is nice.
I think the distracted boyfriend meme is funny.
My parents are Jenny and Alfred!

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People think I’m just as bad as my dad, which isn’t true…I hope.
That people will abandon me because of who my father is.
Hmmmm…I’d have to think about that.
No, I don’t.
Not applicable.
I can’t remember at the moment.

I’m the Grim Reaper. That’s it.
Black. Yes, it’s cliche.
Probably a dog. Yes, I have a soft side.
Um…I don’t know…

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  1. Are you angry at Aodghan?
  2. You know it’s not your fault he’s scared of you, right?
  3. He just has this nasty thing called thanatophobia :sob: I donut think the admission people really cared to look through anything about the students before haphazardly placing them @ethereal looking at you, boo
  4. You should totally get him a tree as a way of apologizing. Just don’t kill the tree. Seriously. He might break you.

Quesitons for both:

  1. How have you been enjoying classes so far?
  2. Are people nice?
  3. Have you made any friends?
  4. How smart are you?

:eye: :lips: :eye:
stop looking at me


too late. I’m staring and I ain’t gonna stop :eye: :eye:

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No, I’m not. He was afraid, and he lashed out. Honestly, he kinda scared me!
I thought it was…you know, the whole “son of Death” shtik.
Oh god…fear of death. Jesus. Yeah,nthwy really should’ve payed attention.
Ok, got it. Uh, any idea what type of tree? There are like…thousands of species. I won’t kill it, trust me.

They’re ok. I do wonder what’s under Your Darkness’s cloak. I’d say he’s trying too hard, but then I’d be one to talk.
As nice as people are when they find out who I am.
No, nor do I really care too. (He cares, don’t listen to him.)
Average, I guess. People worry too much about it.

I quite like them! The teachers are all really nice.
Oh yes. People here are very nice. I’m glad.
I’d like to think I have. I met an interesting creature called a Yale. Her name is Saffron, and she’s very nice.
My parents say I’m very intelligent, but that’s just what they say.

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Uhmm… yew maybe?
just guess and pick a tree. OOH, OAK


Hmmm…I’d have to say my mother. She’s very inspiring.
Oh, definitely when my mom and I would hide our heads in random places for father to stumble upon. The first few times, he nearly had a heart attack!
Oh goodness. I bought this choker once, and it turns out I was allergic to the material. My neck broke out in hives…
Probably when I was about thirteen, I saw a group of kids wearing gothic fashion. I absolutely loved it, and now here we are. My mother is also partially to blame.
Yes, I can. unclasps choker and her head falls into her lap
Oh, the first time was terrifying. I was really young, honestly just a baby, and as babies are, I was curious about the thing around my neck…so I took it off. My head fell off, and I promptly screamed my head off. No pun intended.

To Dieter: LeMmE eAt YoU

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What the f*ck? No.

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