RP Character Questions Thread - Elio & Sienna

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Elio & Sienna Esposito!

Both characters were made by @Madilnel so feel free to tag her with questions!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 2 questions this week.

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  1. What does your perfect day look like?
  2. What does your normal day look like?


  • How’s your fashion line going?
  • Would it be better if you had someone help you with it? No? Okay
  • Phoebe - opinion?
  • Finley - opinion?

Hey you two! How are you doing today? Favorite color? Band? Song? Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Most annoying person in the school?

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Elio - What do you think about Clara?
Sienna - Are there any colours you would never use in a design?

Sienna, you’re friends with Laurel, right? What do you think about her and Elio having hooked up?

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What do you spend way too much money on?

How do you calm yourself when you’re angry?

Favorite animated movie?

Do you believe in god?

And astrology?

What book influenced you the most?

Are more of a morning or night person?

Favorite season?

Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Do you tan or just automatically burn?

What are you most passionate about?

Best childhood memory?

What did you want to be growing up when you were smol?

Do you like camping?

Are you good at Tetris?

Would you rather live in Europe or Asia?

Why time do you finish work?

Do you procrastinate often?

Have you ever felt a generation gap with your friends?

If you could give one important message to the next generation, what would it be?

Who has had the most influence in your life?

Do you like to gossip?

Has someone ever spread a rumor about you?

Do you like to flirt?

Have you ever had a great conversation with a complete stranger?

On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your conversation (conversational?) skills?

What is your best birthday memory?

Do you like change?

Would you ever want to get a tattoo? If yes, what would it be?

Have you ever donated blood?

Have you ever donated to charity?

Tell us about your first date ?

Do you usually make an effort to make a good first impression on dates? And in general?

What was the most boring date you’ve ever been on?

What was the most interesting date you’ve ever been on?

Do you ever see yourself getting married? Do you want to?

If not, why not?

What would you consider as a perfect date ?

How many serious relationships have you had?

When was the last time you had feelings for someone?

Did you have a high school crush?

Are you a heart breaker?

List the top 3 qualities that you think are important in a partner?

Do you have a “type”? If you do, what is your “type”?

Would you keep seeing someone even if your parents didn’t like them?

Do you ever see yourself having children?

What do you think about childbirth?

Would you ever consider adoption?

Do you have any baby names you like in mind?

What is your definition of love?

Would you rather be a toilet paper zombie or a white sheet ghost?

Did you ever slip on a banana peel?

Toilet paper, over or under?

Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?

Have you ever been to a close relative’s wedding?

What Crocs do you want for Christmas?

Trick or treat?

If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?

What crazy name would you give your child if you were a celebrity?

Cookies or cake?

Cat or dog?

Computer games or video games?

Pop music or Rock music?

Stuffed animals or dolls?

Pancakes or waffles?

Hot chocolate or Tea?

Day or night?

Text message or call?

Library or museums?

French or Spanish?

Summer or winter?

Theater or cinema?

Love or money?

Book or movie?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Spotify or Apple Music? (Or Amazon or YouTube or idk what)

Rain or snow?

Comedy or horror?

Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Shrek 2 or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Bra or no bra?

Stay up at night and sleep during the day or be a normal person lol?

Shower or bath?

Shampoo first or soap first?

Who’s your favorite singer?

Whats your favorite snack?

What’s your favorite emoji?

What advice do you think a younger version of yourself needed to hear?

What’s your greatest accomplishment as of now?

What’s your favorite subject in school?

What’s your least favorite subject in school?

Can you speak any languages other than English?

What song would you say best sums you up?

Favorite quote?

Favorite thing about yourself?

Favorite thing about your life?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What was the last book you read?

Any weird and unreasonable fears?

On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?

On a scale of 1-10 how smart would you say you are?

On a scale of 1-10 how creative would you say you are?

Top 3 places on your bucket list?

What in your life are you most Grateful for?

If you could have lunch with one person (any person, dead or alive) who would it be?

What’s the first thing you’d save if your house caught fire?

Ideal coffee order?

If you could have a song play every time you enter a room, what would it be?

Do you believe in god?

And astrology?

What about heaven and hell?

Do you have any tattoos? Would you ever want to get a tattoo? If yes, what would it be?

List the top 3 qualities that you think are important in a partner?

Do you have a “type”? If you do, what is your “type”?

Sip tea or spill it?

Does it take a lot for someone to earn your trust?

Does it take much for someone to lose it?

Do you forgive and forget?

Is your short term memory better than your long term one?

Do you hold grudges?

Do you follow any celebrities on social media?

Do any celebrities follow you on social media?

Do you have any friendships/relationships with any celebrities ?

Do you take things seriously or is everything a joke?

Do you laugh when you’re mad?


Thoughts about…

  1. Vc
  2. Kaya
  3. Jp
  4. Olivia
  5. Raphael
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on the field playing football for my favorite professional team after the win I would be going on a drive along the coast with my girl before going back and watching a movie with her. Nothing too extravagant.
sleeping in, while I’m in the Mykonos as long as I possibly can, probably going to the spa and getting a massage or hang out in the sauna. Sitting on a yacht with a margarita in my hand, snacking on chips and guacamole. My girls can be there and mason I guess but if I was alone I wouldn’t mind either. I’d also probably have my design notebook around in case I got a new idea.

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If the world was filled with clones of you, how disastrous would it be?

What is one thing you wish existed, but doesn’t?

What’s something you resent paying for?

was lenora really as vanilla as they say she is?
why did you guys break up?
whats your football code name?
favorite sexual partner?
do you consider youself a good friend?

whens the release date for the line?
who are your biggest style inspirations?
did u always want to work in the fashion industry?
1 to 10 how loyal are you to mason?
does having the men in your life play football help you understand it or just hate it more?
how much?

favorite pair of shoes you own?
favorite vacation youve been on?
what names did your parents almost give you?
how close would you say you are to your twin?
who is your best friend?
which friend do you go to when youre sad?
which friend do you hang out with the most?
which friend of yours is the funniest?
who took up more space in the womb?
who does more chores around the house?

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wtf michelle

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It’s my question list okay

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Including a few questions that you ask twice


you repeated so many questions i thought i was having a stroke :sob:

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Have not :triumph:

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Have so :triumph:

Well damn Madi yelled at me

Okay hi elio

  1. What happened to your brother?
  2. Thoughts about Amelia Grace?
  3. Thoughts about Paige Pierce?
  4. Thoughts about Enrique Montoya?
  5. Thoughts about Mason Mitchell?
  6. Can you explain why your such a bum who steals peoples girlfriends?
  7. Thoughts about Lenora?
  8. So we hear that there is a… ranking in the football locker room. WAS IT YOU WHO MADE IT?
  9. Sex with Paige: Rate out of 10.
  10. Sex with Lenora: Rate out of 10.


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