RP Character Questions Thread - Jakob & Petra

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Fairytaled RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Jakob and Petra Pan!

Both of these characters were made by @ethereal so feel free to tag her with questions for both characters.

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 2 questions this week.

@RPQuestions @FTDFam you may be interested in learning more about these characters


favorite food (both)

Crushes? (both)


Petra, Jakob, what’s the best part of the other being your sibling?
What’s it like growing up in Neverland?
This is your second year at OUAH right?



Would you rather be a toilet paper zombie or a white sheet ghost?
Did you ever slip on a banana peel?
Toilet paper, over or under?
Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?
Have you ever been to a close relative’s wedding?
What Crocs do you want for Christmas?
Trick or treat?
If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?
What crazy name would you give your child if you were a celebrity?
Cookies or cake?
Cat or dog?
Computer games or video games?
Pop music or Rock music?
Stuffed animals or dolls?
Pancakes or waffles?
Hot chocolate or Tea?
Day or night?
Text message or call?
Library or museums?
French or Spanish?
Summer or winter?
Theater or cinema?
Love or money?
Book or movie?
Chocolate or vanilla?
Spotify or Apple Music? (Or Amazon or YouTube or idk what)
Rain or snow?
Comedy or horror?
Hamburgers or hot dogs?
Shrek 2 or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
Bra or no bra?
Stay up at night and sleep during the day or be a normal person lol?
Shower or bath?
Shampoo first or soap first?

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Idk who they are… so:

(to both of you):

  1. Uhh who are you?
  2. Are you interesting or into-resting?
  3. What are your favourite ships in FTD?
  4. Let’s pretend you know who Ahnvi is. What do you think of her?
  5. Who’s your current crush?
  6. What are the most embarrassing nicknames you were given?
  7. Who’re your parents, bruh?
  8. If you could change your name, which name would you change it to?
  9. What do you think about Karens and Karans?
  10. What’s a secret you’ve never told anyone?
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1. favorite food?
:mushroom: : hmm… i really like fruit as well as sorbet and croissants.
:leaves: : steak, shrimp, and food from other cultures. especially meat.

2. crushes?
:mushroom: : what?! i don’t like anyone… zarina @Rose
:leaves: : people have crushes on me, not the other way around

*for reference, petra is the mushroom, while jakob is the leaves


Jakob, thoughts on César? (*cough* @Edelgard *cough*)


Hello, Petra! Are you excited to meet your roommate? She sure is! To both, favorite book?

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3. petra, jakob, what’s the best part of the other being your sibling?
:mushroom: : “there’s nothing. jakob ruins everything.”
:leaves: : “she stays out of my life, and out of the way, i guess.”

4. what’s it like growing up in neverland?
:mushroom: : “it’s nice.” sometimes, she feels she doesn’t fit in with the others and no one likes her
:leaves: : “it’s the best!! wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

5. this is your second year at OUAH right?
:mushroom: : “yes, that is right.”
:leaves: : “yeah!”


really feeling the love there BAHAHA

ayo siblings describe your relationship with one another

Petra, love, if you could be anywhere, where would you be?
If someone was willing to take you someplace where no one knew you but you’d be away from Jakob, would you take this opportunity for a fresh start?
Name the best parts of yourself.
What do you wish people understood about you?

Jakob, who are you?
What’s your biggest fear?
Do you have any limits?
What phrases do you use way too much?
What a world with clones of you be like?


Wow, arrogant much?

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Yes indeed ~


to both:

  • is there anything you miss about Neverland?
    • anything you DON’T miss at all?
  • what are your plans after you finish going to OUAH?
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:mushroom: : “definitely the white sheet ghost” (so people couldn’t see her and she could hide)
:leaves: : “ooo toilet paper zombie sounds fun!”

:mushroom: : “oh no!! i thought no one saw me!”
:leaves: : “i’ve made other people slip on a banana peel…”

:mushroom: : “…this is kinda awkward…” (over i suppose)
:leaves: : “under, just to annoy everyone else”

[quote=“CerealKiller, post:5, topic:22590”]
Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?
:mushroom: : “i guess the butter…”
:leaves: : “is that a dare? i’ll do both!”

:mushroom: : “yeah, i’ve been to a few.”
:leaves: : “yeah! weddings are the best place for pranks.”

:mushroom: : “maybe light green? i’d like to paint them or add pins.”
:leaves: : “green ones? idk, i already have crocs”

:mushroom: : “…the treat?”
:leaves: : “trick!”

:mushroom: : “peanut paint?”
:leaves: : “peanut butter can only be peanut butter…right?”

:mushroom: : “a color name, maybe… like lavender, fuschia, periwinkle, chestnut…”
:leaves: : “kids?! did i get someone pregnant?!” (he’d probably choose something really awful)

:mushroom: : “cake, though i like both”
:leaves: : “both!” (i feel he’d like cake more tho)

:mushroom: : “kittens are so adorable!”
:leaves: : “dogs for sure!!! they’re way more fun.”

:mushroom: : “video games…” (i think she’d LOVE animal crossing)
:leaves: : “we didn’t have these in Neverland, but video games.”

:mushroom: : “pop…”
:leaves: : “rock, of course”

:mushroom: : “stuffed animals…”
:leaves: “i’m too old for either.”

:mushroom: : “pancakes”
:leaves: : “PANcakes, of course. Get it?!”

:mushroom: : “tea.” (specifically herbal teas and earl grey)
:leaves: : “Hot chocolate, with marshmallows and honey.”

:mushroom: : “day…” (scared of the dark)
:leaves: : “night, that’s when all the fun stuff happens”

:mushroom: : “calls are nice…”
:leaves: : “texting, obviously.”

:mushroom: : “perhaps an art gallery?”

:mushroom: : “french” (wistfully)
:leaves: : “spanish!” (in a very bad spanish accent)

:mushroom: : “winter”
:leaves: : “summer is more fun”

:mushroom: : “the theater!”
:leaves: : “wait, what’s the difference?”

:mushroom: : “…love.”
:leaves: : “…wait, how much money are we talking about here?”

:mushroom: : “books!”
:leaves: : “books are boring, so movies.”

:mushroom: : “vanilla, please”
:leaves: : “Both are pretty good, but I’ll say chocolate.”

:mushroom: : “…what?” (seems like a spotify bean)
:leaves: : “I’ll use whatever, but spotify?”

:mushroom: : “rain.” (makes the plants happy)
:leaves: : “snow, for snowball fights!”

:mushroom: : “comedy! horror is so scary…”
:leaves: : “I love horror, but comedy more.”

:mushroom: : “… i’m a vegetarian.”
:leaves: : “hamburgers! but i love hot dogs too.”

:mushroom: : “harry potter”

:mushroom: : “eek! what kinda question is that?” (probably bra)
:leaves: : “they’re not that comfortable, so no bra”

:mushroom: : “normal person, please”
:leaves: “oh stay up all night!!!”

:mushroom: : “i like baths”
:leaves: : “i usually take a shower”

:mushroom: : “shampoo first”
:leaves: : “soap first!”


What was the best part of last year at OUAH?
What about the worst part of last year?
Were you looking forward to coming back this year?
Do you have the same roommates as last year?
What was your relationship with your roommate like last year?
If your roommate is different this year, have you met yet? What do you think of them?

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i thought his reply would be more dirty…
disapontmunt :100:


AHAHAHA yeah well he took it as would HE wear a bra or no bra XD
but for girls, i think he’d be like let them choose kinda guy
but he’s fine with none :smiley:


oh… still boring…

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