RP Character Questions Thread - Korbyn Walker

This week, the question thread will feature a character from the X-Men: First Class RP! The character for this week’s question thread is, Korbyn Walker!

This character was made by @Ouijaloveletters, so feel free to tag her with the questions for her character!

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Korbyn, how long have you known about your abilities?
What exactly are your abilities?

Korbyn: Well…I’ve known about my powers ever since I was thirteen, so about six years. I can control shadows, manifest wings, turn into a raven and communicate with them.

Do you worry that you may hurt someone with your abilities?
What is your current goal?
Favorite color?
If you could have decided what your abilities are, would you have chosen something different?
Would you say your abilities are, dangerous?
What ability of the other mutants that you’ve met seems the most dangerous?
Are you scared of any of their abilities?
Who has the most interesting ability?
Would you want any of their abilities instead of your own?

Who have you met that you really think you could be close with?

What do you think of the fire in the living room?

X 4 good or bad guy?

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Korbyn: Yes, I’m terrified I’ll end up hurting someone. My current goal is to get over my trauma. My favorite color…? Hmmm…probably a burnt orange. I do like black, though. Orange just reminds me of warmth and safety.
Honestly, I like being able to fly and sneak up on people, so nope! Hmm…well, I can make claw like hands that can hurt pretty badly and my beak and claws are really sharp in my raven form, so yes. I’d never intentionally hurt someone, though! I’d say Xander’s copying ability only because he doesn’t know how to control it. Honestly…I’m terrified of Aiden because I have horrible memories associated with fire involving my mother and a hot iron…oh, I really like Gwen’s tongue. It’s weird, but super cool! I’d probably want Telepathy like Mr. Xavier or Mrs. Jean. Then I could know if someone was after me.

Korbyn: I think I’d be close with Aiden and Agee because we all can turn into birds. Ohhhhh, the fire terrified me…X-4? Is that the woman that looks like a cat? Well…she did try to hurt us and kill the one person that was kind to me, but maybe she went through the same trauma I did? I should talk to her…maybe she just needs someone to care like I did. Also, she’s really attractive.

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  • How do you feel about the newcomer, Dean? Good or bad? You’ve been spending a lot of time with him. (:wink:)

  • Is there anyone you would trust with your life, despite only knowing them a day?

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What is the worst thing you would do for a person you care about?

What is the best thing you would do for them?

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Korbyn: blurts Dean is a very nice person! His shirt smells good! Ummmm…I mean, he’s very nice. I’d probably say Mr. Xavier. He just has that fatherly aura.

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Korbyn: The worst would be to hurt them in any way. The best? Probably just be there for them.

If you met the Grim Reaper, what would you say?

Korbyn: Hmmmm…now I’d try to fight him off because I have a reason to live. When I was trapped, I’d beg him to take me…

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And here we go with some annoying questions from yours truly :slight_smile:

  1. Have you ever had sex? (Again - no idea why I’m asking haha)
  2. What was the worst date you’ve ever been on?
  3. Best date?
  4. Are you into men? Women? Both?
  5. What is the dumbest thing you’ve said to someone?
  6. If someone says hello to you, how do you respond?
  7. Wildest fantasy?
  8. If you woke up in the body of the opposite sex - how would you react and what would you do?
  9. Do you have any fetishes?
  10. What is something you’ve never told anyone?
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Korbyn: Have I ever-!? W-why is everyone asking me that?! Um, I’ve never been on a date…I’m into both.
I definitely can’t pick just one…
I’d say hi back.
Finding love…Escaping my mother was wild at the time.
I’d freak and get someone to fix it.
N-nope, Nope, Nope! Ok…when people touch my wings.
The fact that I think the cat like mutant is attractive…that’s bad because she tried to kill us.

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AND HERE WE GO :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. So; out of the people that you wanted to attracted to - please rank them in order of “bang-ableness”

  2. Has anyone ever touched your wings before :smirk: (you know what I mean)

  3. Have you ever done other acts that could be considered “sexual” in nature, besides sex? If so - please list them out :joy:

  4. Have you ever kissed one of your friend’s boyfriends/girlfriends while they were still dating your friend? How about after they broke up?

  5. Have you ever heard anyone you know (parents/siblings/friends) having sex. If so - how do you feel about that?


Korbyn: O-oh dear…w-well…wait…bang means to…do “that” with someone, right? Anyway…the purple haired girl, don’t hurt me for this…, but the cat like mutant…then Dean, then Aiden…oh god…no, no one has touched them yet…y-yes…I…”b-beat the meat” as boys would say…and no for the last two…thank god that’s over…now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sterilize my brain…


BAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAH I’m dying with laughter

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That was so fun.
Korbyn: thousand yard stare