RP Character Questions Thread - Mikel Lucas

This week, the question thread will feature another character from the Blue Royalty RP! The character for this week’s question thread is, Mikel Lucas!

This character was made by @Madilnel, so feel free to tag her with the questions for her character!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then ask at least a question this week.

@RPers @BlueRoyalty you may be interested in learning more about this character!


What do you think about Jezebel?

What was your reaction to the Jezebel/Daniel incident, if you heard about it?

Favorite classmate?

Who’s most likely to become Blue Royalty?

Is there anything you aren’t willing to do to become Blue Royalty?

How important is becoming Blue Royalty to you?

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What’s it like being royalty?

What’s it like being a royal?

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Do you have any enemies? If so, would you agree to put your differences aside if they offered?

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Welcome back to my game show! Last time we had fan favorites: Jezebel Sloane and Maverick Weston. Today, we have someone we’ve all be waiting for - Mikel Lucas. Now hear me out; this boy is a trouble maker, if I do say so myself, but that’s what makes him all the more fun. Photographer extraordinaire, pale sun-burnt chicken on some days, and we hear, he has a goal to kiss all the girls in school. Word of advice: be wary of diseases. ANNNNYWYAYS back to the game.

For our first game, (as per usual) we will be playing “Bang, Marry, Kill.” Each of you will get a list of three classmates and we’d like you to rank them on… you got it… whether you’d “bang” them, “Marry” them, or “Kill” them and tell us why!

Since we only have one contestant this time around not to mention one with a kiss goal, we’re going to do three rounds of this

First up, Mikel. Your list is:

We know you have a past with all of these girls, so this will be interesting

Next, we have a list of girls that you haven’t been as closely involved in

AND FINALLY; the one we’ve all been waiting for. Your guy friends.


Oooh that’s even more than Jez and Maverick got!


Tis true: a special for @Madilnel (Only becaue of Mikel’s goal lmao)


“She’s nice, uh, really pretty… yeah…Good kisser.”

“Don’t even know what you are talking about so nothing.”

“I don’t think I can choose just one person…my best friends Mamoud, Valerie, Daniel Dorian, and Calan. They are all great.”

“Proably Dorian honestly…or Candice maybe.”


“Not important at all!!”

“Well I’m not and I don’t think I fit into royalty very well either.”

“Brandon and I don’t really get along but I guess if it came down to it then yeah. I don’t really have anything against him, he just annoys me.”

Bang - Valerie
Marry - Jezebel
Kill - Delilah

Bang - Candice
Marry - Elodie
Kill - Kara

Bang - Daniel
Marry - Calan
Kill - Mamoud

  • What’s your dream job?
  • Have you been is an actual relationship? What’s your longest?
  • What’s your longest friendship? When did you meet, at what age?
  • What do you think of the school?
  • The first word that comes to mind when I say “secret”?
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“Probably a travel photographer or maybe documentary photographer or both. Not sure yet.”

“Yeah, one. I don’t remember how long but it seemed liked longer because we started out as just friends.”

“Either Val or Mam. Our parents are all friends so basically since we were born we have been in each others lives”

“I think I’m one of the few people who actually like school in the world!”

“Two summers ago…”

  • Pasta or Chicken
  • The red pill grants flight, The Blue pill grants immunity to toxins. Which do you take?
  • Best Vehicle Ever?
  • First kiss?
  • What’s your best trait?

XOXO :cowboy_hat_face: :heart:

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“Pasta, I sort of don’t eat much meat. I just don’t like the taste of it. I’m not vegetarian or vegan though.”

“I am not a very good fighter and don’t really enjoy fighting at all so I’m taking the blue pill!”

“Mine! My 1987 Jeep Wrangler in sky blue. It’s my baby!”

“My dads assistant!”

“This is a tough one…I guess I’m a good listener but I don’t know if that’s a trait?”

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Would you rather…

  • Betray your best friends or betray your grandfather?
  • Follow your dad the rest of your life and have all the luxury or go your own way but have all the hardships possible in life?
  • Solve algebra or write essays?
  • Have a good reputation but be forgotten or have a bad one but be remembered?

Normal Questions

  • What was the best time in your whole life yet? What about the worst?
  • When you hear the word “kiss,” who or what do you immediately remember/get reminded of?
  • Is there already anyone you’ve been seeing lately?
  • If you could change your name, would you do it? If so, what will it be and why?
  • Have you ever wished to just exchange lives with a cat?
  • Do you have a definition of an “ideal girl?”
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“Best friends…”

“I don’t want to be anything like my dad so I would love to go my own way and struggle if I had to.”

“Essays. I suck at math!”

“Bad reputation. You aren’t really living your life if you don’t take risks.”

“I honestly think the family I was born into is the best thing and the worst thing at the same time…if that’s possible.”

“Everyone fits the image in my mind I don’t think there’s one specific person who I picture.”

“Nope, I’m very single.”

“I think I would change it to maybe William. It just sounds really dignified.”

“Never in my life ha.”

“Just someone I can be genuinely happy with. Who I don’t have to act a certain way to please or change myself.”

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Which senior would you most want to date?
Who do you dislike the most from the senior class?

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“Honestly too three would be Jez, Candice, or Kara. They are all gorgeous…”

“Brandon just annoys me.”

Here’s a few questions:

  • If you had to pick two other people to have a threesome with, who would they be?
  • Who is most likely to get away with murder?
  • Who do you think peaked in high school?
  • Who is most likely to win Blue Royalty - in your opinion?
  • Have you slept with anyone in the senior class? Would you be willing to reveal who?
  • Who is the best kisser thus far?
  • Who was the worst kisser thus far?
  • What is the most “illegal” thing you have done?
    -If you had to make out with any Disney character, who would it be and why?



@Madilnel these are your last questions for Mikel. You can answer them then the thread will be closed.

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“From my school, Candice and Kara…uh yeah…But if it was anyone really Kendall Jenner and Candice Swanepoel.”

“Maybe Dominic I don’t know.”



“I don’t kiss and tell.”


“Oh boy…I don’t think I can say…”

“Jasmine, she’s hot And has a pet Tiger and is independent.”