RP Character Questions Thread - Morgan & Leo

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from P.E.A.K! The two characters for this week are, Morgan and Leo!

@TL_DR created both of these characters, so feel free to tag her with questions for these characters!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here and ask these characters some questions!

@RPers @P.E.A.K Y’all may be interested in learning more about these characters.


What’s it like being a superhero in training?
Do you like having a superhero parent?

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Its cool, but its hard. I always have to watch out, because I feel like if I make one little mistake itll reflect badly on my dad, too.

Its awesome! I get to build all sorts of new tech, and its fun getting to mess with people.

I mean, my dad saved a lot of people, which is awesome, but I cant help but think that if he was never a superhero Id still have a dad.

Again, awesome. Its not like my parents are famous or something, but its still super cool being the third generation of here- my maternal grandparents, both my parents, my older sis, and now me.


How do you feel being a superhero?
What do you think your job is as a superhero?

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Do you fear death?
Why did you become a superhero?
What is your cheat food?
What’s training like?
How do you feel right now?

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For Both Characters:
Biggest insecurity about becoming a hero?
Best memory?
Biggest goal?
When’s your birthday?
How tall are you?


What’s the scariest villain you’ve fought?

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For @phnx’s characters:

  • What are your diets like?
  • Are you a fan of any sports?
  • Where does cheese grow?
  • Do caterpillars walk backwards?
  • Name the top three people in your life.
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  • Favorite Foods
  • Plushies or Fur-suits
  • Cats or Dogs
  • You have 2 hours to take anything in a mall for free, What would it be?

Favourite underwater creature (Supernatural)

Do you like ducks? :pleading_face::green_heart::duck::eyes::sparkles:

Will you answer our questions? :sweat_smile: @phnx

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Spongebob Narrator voice One eternity later…


She liked it :pleading_face:

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No rush.

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I mean, I guess theres times where its fun. Its really stressful, though.

Its incredibly cool. Im really happy I get to be a hero with the rest of my family.

To help people, and try not to screw up that bad.

To keep bad people from doing bad things.

Whos asking?

But in all seriousness, yeah, kind of. Im really scared someday that someone will ask me to make some big sacrifice like my dad, and I dont think Im ready for that.

Well... yeah, but I try not to think about it too much.

Mostly because everyone expected me to be one. Im the kid of a hero, I have all the responsibility without even any cool powers to show for it? Heh.

Ive been around superheroes my whole life, so it wouldve been weirder i I didnt become one.


Cookie crisp cereal.

I never had any real training, whos there to train me? Up until now, it was just hop in a suit and hope it doesnt blow up. I hope this school can teach me some stuff, though.

I dont really 'train, t's mostly just sneak on a mission, get chewed out by my mom, and kick butt. Me and my sister spar sometimes, though.

Pretty chill, Im just talking to some friends.

Im feelin good, theres this cool party going on right now that Im going to check out.

That Ill mess up and make my dad look bad.

I guess that I wont live up to my familys expectations.

When I was little and used to go 'camping with my dad in our yard.

Hanging out in the workshop with my granddad working on my suit.

I dont really have any goals anymore. I guess just to help people and try not to screw it up.

I dont really have any goals, I mostly just live in the moment.

October 3rd.

Okay, so funny enough, for Leo I did say an exact birthday in the old old MDCLA RP, but the archive is really long and won’t load. Just know he’s a Leo.


Im 57".

It was a week and a half ago, these aliens came and just stole all the heroes. Me and my friends had to go in, I got stabbed in the chest and... ended up in the hospital. 0/10, would not do again, though I did meet Captain Marvel.

Ive mostly been fighting just your average drug lords and bank robbers, but Im certain that Ill get to fight actual villains. Someday. I swear.My mom makes us eat healthy, but when my sisters over she sneaks good food.

My mom works all the time and I can barely work a stove, so mostly junk food.

My mom makes us eat healthy, but when my sisters over she sneaks good food.

Not really, unless you count flying as a sport.

I watch soccer sometimes.

Im... confused?

Australia, duh.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.! incoherent mumbling ...Im giving that a solid 'maybe.

None of the ones Ive met do.

My teammates, and I guess my mom. Theres really nobody other than that.

My sister, my parents, and my grandparents. Technically five people but we dont have to pay attention to that.

Cheeseburger, theyre really good. I like juice pops, too.

I like strawberries, and those fudge stripe cakes.

Im not a furry, so I guess plushies?

I mean, I dress up as an insect pretty much daily, so...


Dogs! Or giant ants, theyre the same thing.

Im raiding Radio Shack.

What she said.

I dont really have one. Probably a hippocampus.

Charybdis from the Odyssey, that thing sounds dope.

I do, we have a bunch at the pond next to my house.

I guess. Not so much when they try to eat my troops.


What would you do first if someone turned you into a duck?
What’s more important to you: money or love?
Can you swim? :eyes::sparkles:

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