RP Character Questions Thread - Sarah Jeffery

This week, the question thread will feature another character from the Lime Grove RP. That character is Sarah Jeffery.

Sarah was created by @Quinn32 , so feel free to tag her with your questions!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here and ask this character some questions!

@RPers @LimeGroveRP Y’all may be interested in learning more about this character.

Sorry this one is a day late…


What’s your opinion on the site?
How are you dealing with things?

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What’s your favorite color? What’s it like not having any adults around?

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The site is actually great! I don’t go there all the time but it’s awesome!

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around things and just trying to make the most out of it.

My favorite color should be grey

It’s awesome, you get to be free to do whatever you want without judgment :joy:

Would you rather…

  • … be the cat or the rat?
  • … be the killer or the murdered?
  • … be rich but hated or be poor but loved?
  • … write essays or solve algebra?
  • … let someone else expose your secret or expose your own secret?


  • Do you have a serious rivalry or two going on with someone? If so, would you be willing to make amends with them?
  • Coffee, Tea, or Milk?
  • What do you think people will remember you you for?
  • What would you do if your secrets are exposed?
  • Do you believe that reincarnations are real? If so, what do you imagine yourself in the past life and your future life?
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rich but hated

write essays

expose my own secret

Umm…no, not at the moment


For being there for them and being the kindest in Lime Grove :joy:

I would be hella angry. I would go my way to find out who exposed me and try to do payback too.

I do believe they are real. In the past, I would probably be obnoxious and braggadocious but in the future I would be more caring and sarcastic

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What’s your favourite place in lime grove

If you could go anywhere in the world regardless of cost where would you go and why?

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Do you have any pets?

Favorite flower?

Favorite color?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Biggest regret?

Worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?

Biggest mistake you’ve made that you’re actually glad happened?

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@Quinn, even though this week’s thread will be up soon, new questions can still come in for you to have Sarah answer through tomorrow since I was a day late opening this thread.

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Okay great! Lemme answer the ones I forgot!

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Umm… the pools :joy: I just like to chill there and talk with friends

I would go to LA because I love how quiet and chill the place is.

Yes! I have a pet puppy named “Monzo”!

A succulent :joy:


Sometimes my personality is harsh

Not resolving an argument with one of my close friends

Walked away from them without any explanation just because I listened to what other people said about them

Resigned from doing business as my dad wanted me to but I actually like this modelling and music career

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  1. What is the smallest thing for which you are grateful?

  2. Who has had the most positive impact on your life?

  3. If you could use a time machine, would you rather have one that only goes back in time or only goes forward?

  4. If you got a promotion, a job, a college acceptance, an accolade/award, or just generally accomplished something major, who is the first person you’d tell and how do you think they’d react?

  5. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

  6. Where do you wish you had grown up?

  7. If you could be good at any profession without having to receive the accompanying education or trade experience, which would you choose?

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Having supportive parents

My dad

Only goes forward

My best friend and she’ll be super excited

I would be a pencil because I have a sharp and straightforward personality :joy:

I like the place I grew up in. I had a lot of access to stuff and I used my creativity for modeling and music

Dancer :joy:

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If you could live anywhere where would it be?
If you had three wishes what would you wish for?

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I think I answered this before

  1. Success
  2. Strong friendships
  3. Happiness

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