RP Character Questions Thread - Valerie, Giovanni, & Andy

This week, the question thread will feature Three more characters from the Blue Royalty RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Valerie Wood, Giovanni Manuel De Luca, and Andy McAllister!

All of these characters were made by @CerealKiller, so feel free to tag her with the questions for her characters!

These threads normally have 1-2 characters, but there are 3 characters this week by special request!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then ask at least 3 questions this week.

@RPQuestions @BlueRoyalty you may be interested in learning more about these characters



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Since I didn’t get this posted until today, it will stay up until next Saturday.

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What’s the school like

Do you like royalty

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Question for Valerie: If you had to pick an app on your phone that you couldn’t use for 24 hours, which would you choose?
Question for Giovanni: If you had to dye your hair an unnatural colour, which colour would you pick?
Question for Andy: If you had to perform a song that was outside of your usual genre(s), which song would you choose?

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Valerie: “It’s quite a good school, you won’t find me complaining about it too much, though there definitely are people that if I could, I’d kick in the shin and away from my eyesight in a heartbeat”

Giovanni: “It’s definitely better than my previous school, sometimes it’s a bit too elitist, but I guess that can also be a good thing”

Andy: “Not really a fan. It’s too stuck up and fancy, the only reason I’m still here is for the people, and it’s senior year, getting out of this sh!thole isn’t far anymore”

I’m assuming you’re referring to the blue royalty, if I’m wrong correct me

Valerie: “I mean tasks are just extreme af, but blue royalty itself has it’s perks, I like thinking it can be good for me if I get to it”

Giovanni: “Being blue royalty does sound quite nice, I used to want it a lot more in the past, but I don’t really think it’s worth the struggle anymore, it’s just a bit too much”

Andy: “Honestly, even if you looked for hours you could probably not find anyone at cerulean that gives less sh!ts about blue royalty than I do. Not even kidding, I just see absolutely no point in all the fancy ass titles and the recognition, I don’t even want that.”

Valerie: “An app on my phone? Hmm, Pinterest I guess, can’t really think of another one”

Giovanni: “Definitely purple. If not that then light blue, close second”

Andy: “Theres more, but from the top of my head I’ll say Lose my mind by Dean Lewis. It’s different than my usual music taste but I love that song, I guess I just connect to it…”


Hello. I am here. Be ready.

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Also I just realized “Valerie” is spelled wrong in the title


Hold on

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HELLO HELLO. Welcome to the next game of Bang, Marry, Kill - this time with the wonderful Valerie Wood, Giovanni De Luca, and Andy McAllister. As the title says, we are going to give EACH of you a list of people and you have to pick who you would Bang, Marry, and - ya guessed it - kill.


Valerie Wood:
List 1:

List 2:

  • Elias Stokes (@angelic)
  • Jordan Williams (@me)
  • Ethan Arden (@Nil)

List 3:

List 4:

List 5:

List 6

OOFf that was a lot. I’ll be sending more lists on another post


Giovanni De Luca

List 1:

List 2:

List 3:


Andy McAllister:

List 1:

List 2:

List 3:

List 4:

  • Daniel Parker (@me)
  • Brandon Marshall (@Kbail)
  • France Auclair (@Nil)

List 5:

  • Kara Melbourne (@Kbail)
  • Jessica Pierce (@me)
  • Tala Garzon (@Nil)

Questions for everyone:

  1. How much do you hate Daniel Parker on a scale from 1 to 10
  2. How much do you hate Jessica Pierce on a scale from 1 to 10
  3. Do you have anyone special in your life right now?
  4. What are you not willing to do to win Blue Royalty?
  5. Who is your closest friend as of right now?

Questions for Valerie:

  1. You recently went to prom with Dominic Lucier, ex boyfriend to Candice Clarke. How do you feel your best friend will react when she learns about this?
  2. Have you ever been in love?
  3. Who’s your favorite person in the world?
  4. Best in bed - we know you have references :wink: (Not including yourself)
  5. Best Kisser? (In your opinion and not including yourself)

Questions for Gio:

  1. How do you feel about Luciano?
  2. How do you feel about his sister, Aline?
  3. How serious have you two gotten?
  4. What deal breakers do you have in a relationship?
  5. Have you and your boyfriend ever had sex?

Questions for Andy:

  1. What did you do to get yourself into Juvie?
  2. How was Juvie?
  3. In vivid detail, what would you do if you saw Daniel Parker?
  4. Are you mad at Jessica Pierce?
  5. On the Jordan, Mikel, Jezebel debacle - who do you side with?
  6. How good is Valerie Wood in bed, in your opinion.


  • Most treasured possession?

I hit em with the hard hitters

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“Ah yes I love that game! Okay, Marry Candice Bang Elo kill jez”

“Damn. Kill Ethan, love you dude but no. Marry Jordan Bang Elias.”

“Marry Sadie no doubt, and… Bang Aline kill Reina”

“Marry Mare Bang France kill Mikel, easy.”

“Uh- um… God this is a hard one. Marry Jessica Bang Andy Kill Lyonrad. no. Fcuk it. Actually Kill Jessica, Marry Andy Bang Lyonrad.

“Can I just kill them all?”


Well damn :joy: Poor Jessica.