RP Character Questions Thread - Xavier & Athena

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Xavier Pestana & Athena Lee!

Both characters were made by @Caticorn so feel free to tag them with questions!

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Hello you two,

  1. Any hopes on winning blue bloods?
  2. What inspired your halloween costume (besides the fc pics available :joy:)
  3. Who was your “one that got away?”
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1.any crushes?

  1. what do you think of the blue royalty game?

  2. Most annoying classmates?

  3. Favorite social media app?

1.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

2.) What was your first kiss like?

3.) What would your dream vacation be like?

4.) Name a place you would like to travel to in the future


  1. What does your perfect day look like?
  2. What does your normal, everyday life look like?

Xavier: I haven’t really been doing well with my tasks, so at the moment, not really.
Athena: I’m not playing.

I wanted to try doing something with a scar and Harry Potter was the first character I could think of with a scar
It’s from a video game I like playing

There was this one guy I met while I was still in foster care. We got along really well, but then couldn’t take it any further because I got sent to a different home.
No one. I don’t do relationships.


Not at the moment.

At the moment, it’s kind of fun.
It’s insane.

No one comes to mind.
Mia. She’s way too friendly.

I rarely use it but Instagram

Doing something that’s either soccer or makeup related and maybe married
Working. I want to be a musician.

Really, really awkward. Neither of us knew what we were doing.
It wasn’t bad.

Going somewhere with my family, preferably somewhere that isn’t too hot.
Somewhere with a beach. Maybe an island.

Mexico. I think it would be interesting to see where my parent’s family is from.

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A day where I can sleep in and then spend the entire day on the soccer field.
Staying in my room, playing guitar all day.

I wake up, get ready, have breakfast, walk my dog, go to school, soccer practice for either the school team or the league I play for, depending on the day, then I walk my dog again and I usually end up helping my parents at their bakery.
I wake up, go to school, go to work and if I’m not working, I usually end up hanging around my aunt and auncle’s bakery until my dads are home from work.

Mia: Sorry…
(I’ll tone it down)

For both:

  • Thoughts on the people in your group for the night in the haunted house?
  • Which of your classmates dressed the best for Halloween?
  • What are your hopes for your life beyond graduation?


I have some mixed feelings towards the people in my group.
I don’t really have anything against anyone in my group

I’m going to say Sienna

That I can make it onto a professional soccer team and one day have a family
I hope that I can turn music into my career.

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Athena, what type of music?


  • Favorite color?
  • What kind of relationship do you currently have with your exes?
  • What kind of relationship do you have with your family members?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?

Mostly alt-rock

Green, specifically sage green.

Well, Elijah and I are pretty neutral now. I wouldn’t consider us friends or anything, but we don’t hate each other. With Tyler…it’s kind of complicated right now.
I only have one. I haven’t spoken to or seen her since we broke up and if I ever see her again, it’ll be too soon.

My parents and I are really close, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. I’m also close with my uncles and really close with Athena.
My step-dad and I have our moments, but I’m closest with my dad and Xavier. I don’t have a relationship with my mom, nor do I want one.

Somewhere in Germany
London, England

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To Both:

  • Do you like your name?
  • Do you want kids in the future?
  • Do you see yourself getting married one day?


Yeah, I do. I think it’s pretty cool.

Yeah, I do. I want to adopt at least one kid, give them the same chance my parents gave me.
At the moment, no, I don’t.

Absolutely not.

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What do you think is the first letter of your soulmate’s first name

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in hate at first sight?

Who do you think you were in your past life?


Just adopting a kid, or would you want a kid that’s yours biologically as well?

Why not?

Maybe K? I honestly have no idea.
I don’t really believe in this stuff, but just to humour you, I’m going to say C.

Yes, I think it exists.

Again, yes

I don’t really believe in reincarnation because of my religion, but if I had to say something, I’d say that I was probably some kind of artist.
An entertainer, maybe? I don’t know.

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