RP Character Situation - Alternate Reality

At one point or another, I’m sure we’ve (roleplayers/writers alike) have all wondered “what if…” - in other words, what would have happened if there was one fundamental change in your character’s actions and/or backstories. If you haven’t - here’s the perfect chance to do so!

In an effort to answer that question, I (and my sleep-deprived brain) have decided to create this thread to see if anybody else has thought up alternate scenarios for your characters and or other characters.

Feel free to “what if/alternate reality” your own character or someone else’s character if you want. (Don’t mind me - I’m just a curious little bean whether people use this thread or not :joy:).

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Hey, Its like what we were talking about with how different things could have gone with Jez and Daniel.

Huh. Interesting.

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There’s sooooo many alternate reality situations I can come up with for my characters, not even taking alternate futures into account. Though, some can’t be mentioned without mentioning secrets characters have.

Here’s just a couple of the many I’ve thought of about my Blue Royalty characters.

Maverick Weston:
What if… his mother didn’t die when he was 12?
I don’t know how different it would actually be, but he would probably be a lot more open, and wouldn’t make as many of the wrong decisions as he had.

Jezebel Sloane:
Well, there’s a lot of similar what if’s for her, but What if… her grandparents had let her mother give Jezebel up for adoption.
Jezebel’s life would be entirely different, which it almost could have been this case. Assuming she even lived in the area she does, she wouldn’t have any idea of how Daniel’s her brother, or have the toxic relationship she has with her mother. She wouldn’t have problems that she has with her self worth.

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  • What if Lyonrad wasn’t used by his auntie? What if he was a good boy due to proper attention by his parents?
    I think that would be a drastic change. He’d be a gentleman, knowledgeable, and reasonable :thinking:
  • What if Hecate did not kidnap Merthiel’s father?
    I think Merthiel might not grow to hate her mother which is Hecate or not even try as hard to flourish her magical abilities. I also think she won’t be in OUH.
  • What if Ethan wasn’t neglected?
    Definitely, Ethan will always be an American and be more chaotic. Since his parents doesn’t want him in anyway, that could already speak something about how he’ll grow.
  • What if Noel’s parents didn’t have a fall out?
    Noel wouldn’t be in Lime Grove and he’d be with his mother right now. I think, if this alternate reality still forces his parents to separate, he might even meet his grandparents… he might even have more freedom!
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It’s weird to think about… like hmm

For my blue royalty peoples:

  • If Jordan had never left, Jordan and Jezebel would without a doubt be that sickeningly cute couple that they used to be @Littlefeets
  • If Jessica never left - it makes me wonder what would have happened. Part of me feels like her and Dorian would have started dating for a bit (@astxrism) and under those circumstances, they may have even lasted a while. Or maybe her and Andy would have become something more than like twin souls or whatever @CerealKiller calls them
  • If Dan and Yara hadn’t broken up for reasons - he’d be a happy boy who wouldn’t be mean to everyone.
  • What if Candice grew up with her dad? Would she have been normal? Not damaged?

But this is just the tip of the ice burg. Imagine if like Jezebel’s mom and Dan’s dad had gotten together instead of Dan’s parents. Like - Dan would be Jezebel my god. And in that case - would Jezebel be the same person? A sweet girl? Or with her new status and power would that have changed her? And dan’s lack of power (in a sense).

It makes my head hurt low key ahahhaha



That :point_up:t4: But also her career would have peaked later and she would have stayed in Beryl throughout highschool. Also her and Kai wouldn’t have happened and she also wouldn’t have met Maddy (or Kylie Jenner but ok)
And other story lines

If Andy’s dad didn’t die he would probably be a lot less fcuked up, less of a troublemaker less broken inside. Probably less associated with chaos and overall just a more calculated and normal person, which isn’t necessarily a good thing because that’s what makes him Andy :sneezing_face:
And other story lines

Can’t answer that for Valerie just yet
Theo neither

And Gio was always screwed


Yes. So sickeningly cute and adorable.

There’s sooooooo many ways they could be different in that case.

Or what if Jezebel had told Daniel when they first became friends that she’s his sister.

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That’s true - Dan not breaking up with her would have broke all of those storylines.


She would have moved into Dan’s house and lived with Dan throughout highschool and been a happy gurl :slight_smile:


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