RP: Gordonsville - Rochester: 2 cities, 1 bridge (Signs ups & General Chat)

Hey there. I decided to make my first RP ever.

Concept of RP
2 cities, 1 bridge, and between dark secrets which forever remain uncovered. It takes us to the present, September 2019, people live in peace, each one in their own city, but there is one rule that should never be broken, because hells will be unleashed. No one can cross this one bridge that separates these 2 cities. This rule has been followed by generations but nowadays a lot of younglings are curious to learn more than they should know…

Cities information
Gordonsville: This is a city where rich people live and there is also monarchy
Rochester: This is a city where decent or poor people live

Rules of the cities

  • You can get to choose which city to live in (unless there is change of plans)
  • I will let you when you can start crossing the bridge (keep in mind it’s very far away and takes a lot of miles to reach the other side)
  • Romance is allowed but no explicit scenes are allowed
  • No drama unless it’s the RP

New : You can reserve to be the queen’s daughter who rules Gordonsville
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Signing up.

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