RP/SG Discussion Thread

Credit to @EpisodeGirl on the Episode Forums for the idea.

This is a general thread to discuss roleplays/storygames and for roleplayers to meet each other. Feel free to share your RP experiences, fangirl over RP/SGs you’ve joined or stalked, ask for advice regarding your RP/SG ideas, brainstorm and develop characters together, talk about your favorite characters, and etc.

Hopefully, this thread will interest people to join our loving cul- erm, community and help our beloved family thrive. These discussions may also inspire us to write or procrastinate together, we’ll see.

Here are a few questions to begin with…

For all roleplayers:

✎ When did you begin roleplaying, and why?

✎ Where have you roleplayed before?

✎ What roleplays are you currently in?

✎ Do you prefer RPs or SGs?

✎ Have you ever created a roleplay? If you have, which one?

✎ What was your favorite roleplay, and why?

✎ Who is your favorite character(s)?

✎ Who are people you love roleplaying with or want to roleplay with?

✎ What is the most enjoyable part and what is the most difficult part?

✎ What is your best advice for someone who wants to start roleplaying?

An important question specifically for those interested in trying:

✎ Do you like cookies? We have cookies for joining the dark side.


  • I began role-playing on Google+ in the 7th grade. I found a Black Butler role-play and joined, creating new characters as me and the other person went along. We’re great friends now.

  • Google+, Discord, and the episode forums.

  • I was in Fairytale-d, Sorority High, Drama and about to start the Elite rp on the episode forums but I got banned.

  • I prefer RPs because there’s so much you can do! Free your imagination!

  • No.

  • My favorite was Sorority High because I really built up character development.

  • Probably Veronica Thornton from Sorority High.

  • I enjoy rping with Chocolate_mama…


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Oops I forgot to finish this

I started roleplaying in the summer, and my first roleplay was on episode.

Some of my favourite roleplays were:

•time of the rebellion
•escape the virtual world

Ive created a roleplay here on the ShanniWrites forums, feel free to go check it out it’s called Divergent

I’m one of The roleplay mentors here, this means that it’s my job to help new role players settle in and understand the rules. If you need my help with anything, hit me up with a pm ! :smile_cat::wolf::revolving_hearts:

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