Scene it? games

Have you ever played Scene it? Games?

Scene It? is an Interactive film series created by Screenlife, in which players answer trivia questions about films or pop culture.

There are many versions of the game:

  • Scene It? (original)
  • Scene It? Jr
  • Scene It? Harry Potter
  • Scene It? Music
  • Scene It? Friends
  • Scene It? 007
  • Scene It? Disney
  • Scene It? Pirates of the Caribbean

Which ones have you played or do you want to play, @Gamers?


It seems fun, but I’ve never played it before

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Never? Awww.

I think I’ve played the Friends version of this game :thinking:

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Really? Is it good?

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I don’t actually remember much about it, it was a while ago :eyes: I think there were different types of questions, which helped to prevent it from becoming too monotonous, but it’s definitely not one of my go-to games

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Oh, fair enough then.

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