Share your character’s story of how they discovered their sexuality

Every character is different, and will have had a different experience in regards to how they came to understand their own sexuality. Are they someone who pretty much always knew or did they not realize what they were until later? Did they know, but try to deny it to themselves? Did other characters even realize it before yours did, or would none of them have ever guessed? How did the character feel about their own sexuality and how did others react, or at least how did they think others would react? There’s so many things to take into consideration with the background of your character and what type of person they are.

So, share how your character discovered their sexuality



blue royalty:

Ari: they kind of always knew, they really didn’t care or try to deny their bisexuality. In fact she took it as another reason she was better than everyone else. Their parents dont care

Adonis: he’s still in denial in a way. He’s confused. Because of blah and blah

yh. Adonis didnt think his parents would be angry or anything but it was still awkward

Hades/Eryx: they always knew didn’t care, parents are also bisexual (he has 3 parents, two mothers and one dad so like…)

Tsumuji- others knew before her, she accepted it ig

Luna- it took her some time to realize no one cared

Nevaeh- always knew


Kristi- always knew, parent dont care

Paxton- he found out before his brother and his parents (more like his mother doesnt like it_

… (i have to many characters so like the other half didn’t care much and the other half did)

Dakota- they had always been confused about their gender and sexuality, after a while they accepted the fact they were neither male nor female or straight. Their parents accepted them.

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in FTD, Ariadne had dated (i think three guys, according to her brother :thinking: :sweat_smile: ) and had always been dumped/ or was the one to dump because she seemed distant or just disconnected to the relationship
For many years, she’d always watch girls, and thought something like, “they’re just pretty, i don’t actually like them.”
:musical_note: dododo :musical_note:
then Ethie’s char Valentina basically showed/ told (?) it was more than okay, and normal to be a lesbian
Basically, she forced Ari to acknowledge her sexuality, and she’s semi finally starting to embrace it!


Emerson just…always kinda knew. Like, they at first thought they just really admired girls, then it hit them.

Okay, I think for Camila, she always thought she’s straight. She’s only ever liked boys, and never before liked a girl. It just didn’t happen. But I feel like there is a good chance Alviva might be bringing out some feelings in her.

For Amanda, she never figured out. It just always was like that for her. She just never was into guys at all.