Share your theories thread!

Here’s where you can share your theories about anything. >:p

I’m actually quite interested what you’ve guys come up with! So do, feel free to share.

some of mine

For me, I’ve always thought of the theory that in some way, we can actually revert into our own dreams lives, and make it out main one. Or that in our dreams, it’s us connecting to the afterlife, that’s filled with everything we please.

There’s some theories I got about the universe though too that contradict but I’m pressured to make one final decision, and well, I won’t either. I sometimes think about how possible it is that we’re maybe apart of a weird ocean that seemingly expands and if we were to get far enough we’d find ourselves “on the surface” of a planet like ours, so basically it’s saying we are like the creatures in a deep ocean that the real inhaitants have yet discovered because well, they don’t have the technology to get this far.

Well, I do have more, but that’s all I got energy for writing. So please, do tell me more, feel free to even have discussions around the thread about certain theories brought up! That’s even better. ;))

@Discussions @POVers (tagging you guys because this is also a way of just putting ourselves within theories or (point of views))


I was talking to my mom about The Truman Show, and she starts talking about how we’re all being controlled and in a simulation. No clue what was going on.

I had read this somewhere online and it’s prolly not true, but the theory was that whenever we get deja vu, it’s us dying and coming back at our last checkpoint. So, like, you died somewhere, but then came back and you get the deja vu feeling because that was your last checkpoint.

@Discussions Do you have any theories to share?

Making theories is what I do all the time at university :smile_cat: Last year, I worked on a theory about students and homeschooling. The theory was that students who have more support from their friends/family/teachers would rate online school better than those who don’t have that support system. Simple theory, but we got some interesting results after doing some research.

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