Share your weird/random ideas here ✨

I’m pretty sure that I saw a thread like this somewhere before, bit I can’t find it, so please merge it if you find it :eyes::green_heart:

Do you have any weird new ideas for anything and don’t know where to share them with people? You can share them here :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
But please don’t steal others’ ideas, that’s evil and an evil goose from hell will haunt and kill you if you do that :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

Some of my random/weird ideas

•Introduce a new very embarrassing trend and see how long it takes until everyone finds it cool (I’m really curious about what makes things popular and at what point something becomes cool instead of cringe) then continue this with more embarrassing ideas until you find the thing that is too cringe to ever become a cool trend
•release some ducks in the center of the city, I just want to see what would happen
•invent a new religion and see how long it takes to make others believe in it
•carry around random objects and look at people’s reactions
•hide my new art in randomly chosen old posts of mine just to see if someone finds them
•be the last poster on every thread, so my pfp takes over the whole forums
•invent a car with a solar roof which gives it enough energy to keep driving forever when the sun is out and saves energy for rainy days
•raise a group of kids without teaching them any language to see if they’ll develop their own language
•adopt a group of ducks and make them help me take over the world


I think there have been some studies about this