Should I do it?

Hello, everyone.
I know some of you might find it crazy, but I am working on my story and I created many characters, each one has a background (you know - of course name :sweat_smile:, personality, religion, etc.). Now, I thought of adding into some of the characters’ background unpleasant experiences (not too much) that they went through because of, for instance, their religion, skin’s color, ethnic belonging.

On the one hand, I want to do it, because to me it is an inseparable part of the reality we live in, and I want to make the story look realistic (at least at some point). In addition, I might feel like I am denying/ignoring the reality if I don’t do so, because after all it can happen to anyone of us - we can’t always show only the positive side of life. :woman_shrugging:t4:

On the other hand, I have a fear that if I do so, people might think that I try to spread hatred against other people that I represent their religion and/or race and I definitely don’t want to convey something like that, because it is not my purpose by representing them (Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ+ people, Christians and racial ethnic groups). Another fear: I have a fear that I might show it in a disrespectful way unintentionally or it could look like that.

So, what do you think of it? Should I do it or not? Why?

  • Yes
  • Definitely no

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Share your thoughts and if you want me to do it, then I’ll be glad if you give me some helpful tips. :blush::grinning:

Note: Please do not open arguments, or attack anyone. I don’t wish anyone else to be attacked nor do I want to be. Be respectful when you state your opinion. Oh, and try to stay on topic :grinning:
Please and thank you.


I want to show the beauty of my and others’ religion and culture. But, I also want to show what some of them experience because of their ethnic identity. After all, not everything in life is perfect.


If you make it more like you’re showing how the world and other people can be mean, or discriminatory then you’re fine! Unfortunately in our world there is a lot of hate for no reason and in my opinion it’s fine if you want to bring that up. As long as you don’t blame your characters for what happens to them or play into harmful stereotypes like that then I think that would be a good thing to add. Also it is true that people live very different lives depending on what their gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or religion is. So it’s fine if you want to show that.


Of course I won’t do that.


One of the reasons why I want to represent them is because authors hardly represent them (I am not generalizing, but many of them don’t do that). You know, I feel that my religion gets no representation as if it weren’t exist. :pensive:
So, I decided to write a story by myself in order to represent my religion, and in addition to represent others’, because I don’t wish anyone else to feel what I feel because of his religion/culture getting no representation.
And of course, I will represent some racial ethnic groups and sexuality.


Because I’m sure you’re an amazing writer.

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That’s really sweet of you :blush:, but I can’t define myself as a writer, because I haven’t published my story yet (unfortunately :sweat:).
But, thank you for the compliment :blush::smile:


Well when you do, send it to me so I can critique it!

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Of course.

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