Should plastic bags be banned to save the environment?

Should plastic bags be banned to save the environment? Why or why not?

@Discussions there is a lot to discuss about this I’d say.


nah, the whole thing about which bag to use is pretty complicated because all of them pollute in a certain way and some are only effective if everyone uses them and stuff like that, basically just re-use whatever bag you have, it’s the best way to be more environment-friendly or whatever

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you can make them recyclable.
or use those that dissolve with water.


Besides, what would happen to the iconic first line of Firework!?


No, because they can be reused and recycled. Also, people such as me , who get their groceries delivered, need them. I put the ones I don’t reuse into my recycling bin. (I do have cloth bags I used to use when I shopped in person and I still use when I go to the corner store or to pick up my mail etc)

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Yes, I do think plastic bag should be banned due to animal especially for turtles :turtle:.

Turtle will eat plastic bags due to look like a jellyfish.

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We should start reducing it, not banning it. That way, it’s kinda like a win-win situation if you get me? There are still some things you can’t convert to paper (like bags for certain stuff that get paper wet), and I don’t think it’s also convenient to turn things into cartons-

and yes this. If we want to save the environment from plastic’s toxicity, recycling them is the best way to go. Always.

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I think those throw-away plastic bags are banned in Europe :thinking:

@Discussions What do you think? Should plastic bags be banned?


we have paper bags rn where I work, but they aren’t ideal bc paper cuts and a rainy country :expressionless:

Yeah ig. They’re not good for the environment nor do people use them for long. They look really ugly too…

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That’s what they’re slowly doing in NZ

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I think banning plastic bags isn’t the sole solution to save the environment. What really needs to happen is education, make people aware and give them a sense of responsibility. Not only about how to use plastic bags in a better way for the environment (reusing them, recycling them ect.) but much broader about what people can actually do… It’s really not just bags that are the issues, it’s also a lot of one time use plastic bottles for example. Just banning one thing won’t help, and people should actually make those behavioural changes themselves for it to actually be effective…

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Nah, not banned, but reduced. In Mexico, grocery stores are no longer giving plastic bags. They used to have it so you can pay for a bag if you needed one, but now, you had better not forget to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store, or you’ll have to buy a new cloth bag.
Now, the reason why I say they shouldn’t be banned is because for certain things, I do think they are necessary. Like for throwing away something that has liquid that could leak if placed in a cloth bag.

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But that also requires recycling to have an uphaul too, a lot of plastic can’t be recycled for example. And alot doesn’t get recycled.

Hand out free none plastic bags then talk to me about banning plastic bags honestly

Simply banning plastic bags isn’t going to fix the problem. Environmentally friendly options need to be more readily available. Single use plastic should be created with more recycled material more often, and recycling is of the utmost importance. The key is, reduce, reuse, recycle. Ordinary plastic bags can be minimized where possible, through either using better alternatives, or minimizing the amount used. Then when possible they can be reused, whether it be for the same purpose or an entirely different reason. Once it can’t be reused in another way, they should be recycled.

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