Should restaurants do away with tipping?

Tipping is a personal thing. It’s up to the customer whether they want to tip the waiter or not. So no, because it doesn’t harm anyone. Unfortunately, I know some shady restaurants that doesn’t pay their waiters and they pay comes from customer’s tips, which is really mean and stupid.

So my question is, should restaurants do away with tipping?
If you are/were a waiter/waitress, have you ever recieved a tip?
As a customer, are you generous when it comes to tipping?
Best/worst tipping experience?


No. I mean, what harm could come from customers tipping the waiters for their services? They are just appreciating the good service they provide.

I have never tipped a waiter. But I would like to when I get my own money.

When I went to this Italian restaurant for the first time. Sure the ambience was rad but the food was… let’s just say if you wanted to eat at the risk of getting food poisoning, then sure go ahead :slightly_smiling_face:
It was my (mother’s) worst tipping experience. First they give poorly prepared food and then forcibly ask for tips (also, the foods were kinda overpriced there).

Best tipping experience was when I went to this ice cream roll shop. It was a small shop run by a guy and his old mother. The ice cream rolls were really awesome and, for the first time, my mum tipped them generously from heart :star_struck:


I never ate at a restaurant before neither tip them so I don’t really know haha but nah I don’t think they should do away with it.

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The point of removing tipping wouldn’t be to harm the staff, but to rather promote a healthier payment rate. I know some countries don’t have that custom there, but ones where it’s common, waiters can be paid very little amounts under the minimum wage because everyone assumes they ride on tips.

So it’s awesome if you’re generous with tipping in a country that does that, but it also hurts the staff in the long term because it’s a way to keep the standard payment low. Then again, you have some European countries that are very good with the minimum wage to the point where a family won’t end in poverty from a basic paycheck. Guess it kinda depends, but I think this situation is more of the ‘getting people to think they’re doing something good’


I’m pretty sure that here in the US you have to tip a certain percentage to the waiters no matter what. Probably because they don’t get paid very well.
I wish that wasn’t a thing and waiters got paid well and people didn’t feel like they were forced to tip… But yeah do away with tipping entirely? Idk doesn’t really make much sense.

No I don’t think they should do away with it. But yet I don’t really know why restaurants do tipping but I’m thinking it’s just to show some kind of support.

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No, that is unfair. Unless they are to pay them more than 3-4 dollars an hour, no, they should not. And even then, they still shouldn’t, now that I think of it. I don’t think it’s really legal to keep people from giving other people money.

Yes, I received and receive tips. It’s good money usually. Depends on the day. Makes up for my 4.5 an hour. With tips I make 20-25 in tips only.

I try to be.

Getting 20’s for tips on the table is always cool.

Unfortunately, for many waiters/waitresses tips are the only way to have a decent income. It shouldn’t be just taken away without getting something else like a higher salary or better working conditions instead. Speaking from experience, it’s hard work, long hours and a lot of standing, for often very minimum wage. This while as waiter/waitress you bring a lot of value to the restaurant. If there is an option however between a significantly higher set wage or the current wage with tipping, the stability of a higher wage is what seems like the best option to me, especially thinking that often not all tips actually fully end up with the staff

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