Should students be allowed to listen to music in class?

  • Yes
  • No

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I, personally, don’t see an issue with it as long as the music isn’t bothering anyone else and isn’t distracting the student from their studies. In classes where you’re mostly doing work on your own (such as an art class where the time is mostly just for working on your own art). I like listening to music quietly in the background of things, which I can actually do fairly easily in online classes.

@Students ~ what do you think? :eyes:


Our art, music and history teachers let us play music, so I’d say it should be allowed :eyes:


Depends on the class but yes! Luckily I can listen to music in most of my classes because I just create and I think it should be allowed in an art class.


I definitely agree that students should be allowed to listen to music during classes. Especially in classes regarding art and aesthetic-ness. Most of the well-known artists, painters, writers and sculptors admitted to listen to music while doing their work. They said that it gives them the “feels” and imagination. For instance, my cousin is a writer and often listens to tragic music while writing a sad scene or a romantic music while writing an emotional scene.


It depends on the class and the activity.
For example, if the teacher is explaining something, or interacting with the class in a way that they are reading out loud or participating a lot, then it might be too distracting to have music playing at that moment.
But if they’re working individually on something, then I think some nice background music or even letting each student listen to their own music with earphones is fine. :sunflower: :sunflower: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


I see that you all voted yes on the poll :eyes: So I have one question… Do your teachers ever play music for you in class?

I go to the Academy of arts so my professors don’t really care, we can listen to music whenever we want because we’re just creating, but my art professors (drawing and painting) would play music for us all the time!

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I think they should. Most of the teachers I’ve had let us listen to music in class as long as they’re not teaching, which I think is fair. Personally, music helps me focus, especially if the classroom has gone silent. If everyone is wearing headphones of some sort, there’s really no reason to say that it’s distracting.

What do you think, @Music? Should teachers let students listen to music in class?

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YES, of course, when they are just doing work alone. So not in a group or having a class discussion.

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