Should teenagers have as much freedom as they do in anime or mangas?

Anyone who’s watched anime or read mangas has probably noticed that the teenagers who exist in those worlds typically have unlimited freedom to do whatever they please. Should teenagers have as much freedom in real life as they do in anime or mangas? What do you think?



Depends on the anime.

Pokémon ash has to much freedom for a 10 year old in my opinion. Can’t say any kids I know at that age are mature enough to do half the stuff he can.

Ismail anime maybe okay with the freedom they have due to the dangers there like monsters and demons ect

I think it depends on the anime, and the teens. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I still would agree with myself from last year. It depends on the individual.

Even if you haven’t necessarily watched anime, @Discussions, I could tell you they get much more freedom and less consequences for what they go out and do, do you think it should be the same in person for teens now?

I’m all for that! Just depends on the individual. However, parents should be there for them when need be. Like for big emotional moments or hard events.

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