Should we limit cellphone usage in concerns to health?

All cellphones emit a range of radio frequency, which has concerned some people with worries that it could cause a series of health hazards as well as even cancer. Although the FDA has stated that there is currently no consistent evidence that this radiation increases cancer risk in humans, this doesn’t change doesn’t change the fact that over exposure to cellphones does cause health risks concerning our nervous system.

What’s your stance on the subject? If you feel it should be limited, what time restraint would be optimal?


I think people should limit phone usage, but for different reasons. I, for one, use my phone way too much, and not only is that bad for my eyes, but my mental health too. I’m trying to limit using my phone, especially in quarantine.

How much is limited depends on the person individually though.

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I mean, obviously you shouldn’t use your phone for like 23 hours a day, for mental health reasons, it’s something you should keep track of. The government have no business regulating how long we use our phones though.

See this is not a good sign about not increasing cancer risk :eyes:

Since we typically blink less when we’re staring at are screens, cellphone usage can cause strain on our eyes when we use them for too long. Not to mention scrolling through a phone the whole day is not a very healthy lifestyle. However, I don’t think there should be an official limit to usage since cellphones are often used in emergencies and setting a limit might harm someone.


Yeah I think we should limit cellphone usage
I mean you shouldn’t be on it all the time 24/7… Space your time wisely :eyes::raised_hands:t5:


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I think, phone usage should depend on the person.
Some people (like me) find it easier to make friends online, not because I’ve grown ‘addicted’ or had my social skills ‘stunted’ by its use, but because I’m autistic, and being able to communicate without having to constantly focus on what body language or tone is being used is rlly useful and relaxing, compared to face-to-face contact.
My parents recently took my phone away (recently being about 6-7 months ago), limiting my usage of it from free use, bar in bedrooms or at night, to only a number of minutes a day. Ut’s safe to say my mental health has not improved as a result, and has decreased in some areas. I mention this just to show that there is no one answer to this query, and that everyone’s situation is different.

If you feel that you need a break from the online world, you should probably try it out. Just don’t force it on others :wink:

@Debaters - how do you feel about this topic?

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