*Sigh* Love and Let Live Discussion

If anyone that have read the story Love and Let Live by Langdon, I hope that you will join the discussion. This is merely a rant I wanted to make about Langdons writing choices for this story. But mainly focusing on the Love interests.


Love Interests

Kymus is an awful love interest and character. Why? He’s very stubborn. Stubbornness can help you but it can also hurt you. He’s a king. It’ll hurt him more in the end. You can be too stubborn as a king but he sadly is. He was very bratty as a child and still somewhat is. He’s cocky and a little clingy to the Mc. He makes it seem like him being in love with us automatically means we feel the same. The worst part of that is, Langdon with her writing forces you to. It’s very annoying, mainly when he isn’t the only love interest or main one. There’s two and are both essential to the story. Here’s where we go to Zydion.

Ah, Zydion. I love him. So, so, so much. I feel he’s only the antagonist by situation and conflict happening but in reality, he’s the anti-hero. I’ll go to my reasons why. Let’s start on his upcoming:

Zydion was neglected and ignored by his only family. He was jealous and that jealously started to grow more and more: His father loved and gave more attention to his brother, his brother got all the royal attention, and was to be future king. Including that Kymus had someone close to him, a friend (the Mc) Zydion didn’t have anyone. He was alone. He didn’t have a mother figure to comfort him. That’s where the monster lady that was introduced (I forgot her name) was taken into effect. After he ran away, he ran into her. She treated him with kindness, something he never had. No one even cared he ran away. You know who did care? The monsters. That’s why he wanted to protect them. That’s why he had a actuall motivation for what he did. The father and his brother would never comprise to let the monsters live with the people, not even give them food or a better place to live. They’re stubborn. Also, he would have been killed if they found out he was assisting them so he kept secret. There was only one thing he could do: Kill his brother and take the throne. It was the better option. And I don’t regret making that decision.

Picking Sides

Now for the choices to either be on both sides, Kymus, and Zydion…Let’s be honest, Zydion was the only reasonable choice. His motivation was completely understandable and justified. Kymus is a terrible king and was being very selfish. Zydion did what he needed to do for his people. Heck, they needed to steal. They wouldn’t have given them food. Kymus didn’t bother to even understand the monsters and their suffering. This is what I mean when I talk about the stubbornness. His death could have been avoided if he’d just let the monsters live with the people. But since he didn’t want that and was being awful, he deserved to die point blank. :woman_shrugging:t4: I personally did not care for him dying. Zydion is obviously the one with the heart. He even regretted doing it. But it had to be done!

Who deserves to be King?

Zydion, no doubt. He was loyal to the monsters, the ones that actually cared for him and treated him way better than his actual family. He cares and changed for the Mc. He even considered not to kill his brother for her (even though KYMUS DESERVED TO!) He’s smart and kind and funny. Yeah, he can be annoying but witty and sarcastic. It fits him perfectly.

Zydion being the "Villian"

Now, I don’t really like how Langdon made him seem as if he was the villian. She really didn’t like him either. I don’t know why. He’s a good antagonist and the real hero. His arc is great! Absolutely amazing! His reasons and motivations are perfect and matches with what he’s striving to do. My issue? Of course, Landons hate and writing for him. She did a good job and treats him outside the story awfully. She keeps pushing Kymus to us and I hate it. She even said herself that Kymus was better which is the BIGGEST LIE! I don’t really know what’s up with her writing being so awful for the people she likes but the ones she hates, they’re perfect. Like dude…learn to make likable people you want people to like.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree?


Agree so much.
I found Kymus to be a spoiled brat tbh and fully understood where Zydion was coming from.
He did what was necessary and thise “monsters” loved and cared for him like he was one of their own.
Like she kept pushing us to like him princey for…what reason?

Truly as I was playing I wanted to stay with the “enemy” and “monsters”


I enjoyed the story and I too ended up liking Zydion much more than Kymus. I didn’t know she wanted us to like Kymus more and I didn’t really pay attention to that much in the story but if that was the case, she didn’t do that great of a job. I was just mainly focused on seeing what will happen with the monsters and that little boy who had to train for the battle or whatever it was.
It’s been a while since I’ve read it so I don’t even really remember how it ended lol but I do remember that I ended up picking non of them which was a mistake as I was meant to pick Zydion lol.



Would be nice to see what others have to say about the story.

Ooh, I’m definitely going to write my thoughts on this story when I wake up because I read it whilst it was updating and I was team Zydion all the way. Kymus iiiirked me for so many reason, uff.

The ending I got was where the one where Kymus died and MC ended up with Zydion. I think they had a child and became the rulers?


They did and I loved it.

Still in love with Zydion :heart_eyes: But I’d like to hear people who sides with Kymus. I’d love to have a argument over that. :eyes:

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Bump because I want to hear what others have to say.

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:rage: @ELx

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I didn’t even say anthing :rage:

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I don’t care. Get out! :rage:

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Ngl between my replays of siding with Kymus and siding with Zydion, siding with Zydion seemed more interesting

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Haven’t read it yet, but the author seems a bit biased towards certain characters


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Oops sorry! I saw the November 19th and thought that was the correct date- turns out it’s not!

Does anyone else have their thoughts on the story? I’m willing to listen.