So, it's been a year 🥳

It’s my anniversary on the forum today, and it felt like a right moment to look back on my year here. If I have to describe it in one gif it would be this

Yeah it’s been one rollercoaster of a year here, but in a good way, with absolutely amazing highs but also a couple of lows unfortunately… But I mean it can’t always be perfect :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: In general I had an awesome time here. I’ve got to know a lot of amazing people and had and still have a whole lot of fun.

I’m so grateful for this place and my friends here, cause I just feel like I can just be weird and people will just accept me for who I am and that just means a lot to me… Thank you guys :pleading_face::purple_heart:

Now let’s party! Yeah I’m bored so why not?


The next few hours I will be posting some random songs I feel like in some way relate to my year here and I will be tagging some people that made my year special with some appreciation for them :eyes::eyes:

It is too obvious I didn’t plan any of this beforehand and this probably was like a bad idea :rofl:




Why did that gif just make me laugh a lot? :joy:


It’s adorable, isn’t it? :innocent:


Haha, yeah, it is :eyes:


Okay, my first song is this one, simply because I relate to the lyrics so much. In a way this place has been a journey to really get to know myself and also showed me that I can actually be strong.

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pops champagne

congratsss :tada:

:tada: :tada:

Woohoo congrats!!!


hey theres minors here

It’s not for you child

well thats just balogne

*pops larger champagne bottle for the minors *

Sucks to suck

calls cops

runs so she won’t get caught for doing nothing

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*tosses champagne bottle at michi *
*bottle shatters *
welp, now we gotta explain that one to the cops