So what is books you do not like?

so what is a book you read that you did not like?

now I am meaning real books (e-books count too ) not episode stories.

and please dont say books the school forced you to read, this is for books you choose to read

I got two categories, and please tells us why it is you do not like the book’s

series where the first couple of books was good and then a sequel was not

for me I dont like vampire diaries and song of the lioness

Both books where good. its a great trilogy’s. just one problem a fourth book came out
And I actually hate those two books for the same reason.
in vampire diaries, Elena had died(aka the MC)
in song of the lioness the main villain had died(forgot his name)
So that is it, conflict over, the story ends. nope they brought them back to life in a fourth book so they could make more

Also, I got kinda angry over they gave Elena brown hair in the tv series when she is blond in the books

And remember people are allowed to have diffrent opinions so please accept that some people may not like books you like

books where the first book was just not good

I did not like 13 reasons why. I did find it boring (btw its called deaths girls dont lie, in my language) maybe it is because I had just read an amazing story about the same subject but written so much better(unfortunately only available in my country) and then was told to read 13 reasons why and was disappointed.

and then a Danish book called den ydmyg amulet (the humble amulet) it has two sequels but I only read the first book. its a fantasy story but nothing is happening in it. its about a girl who meets a woman looking for a magic amulet. and then they try to find it together. but MC actually found it in chapter 2. but first found out its that one in like the last chapter and then the magic amulet disappears so they have to keep looking for it in the sequel. Not only did she have it the whole time. it disappears so we have to buy one more book