Solo presentations or group presentations?

Which do you prefer, solo presentations or group presentations? :thinking::rose:

I prefer group presentations over solo presentations, because I only talk about a few parts of the presentation, unlike in solo presentations, where I have to talk about and explain the entire thing. :sweat_smile: Also, group presentations are easier for me because I hate attention. Even though I also get attention during group presentations, I’m not the only one getting attention; the other members of my group are also getting it. :rose::two_hearts:


Solo Presentations:


  • All the work done yourself.
  • All credits goes to yours truly.


  • All attention at yourself during presentation.
  • If you have a stage fright, God Bless you :sneezing_face:

Group presentations:


  • Each member presents what they have to present turn by turn.
  • Equal distribution of attention among members during presentation.
  • If you are lazy and luckily, you get some hard working students in your group, you can slouch and do nothing and depend entirely on them to get your credits (don’t do that, of course :rofl:).


  • If you have lazy-a** students in your group, all workload goes on you :sob:
  • Childish banter and unnecessary politics like who is the leader of the group, bad blood between students etc.

I definitely prefer Group Presentation for the simple reason that I don’t have to do the whole work alone and you can work faster in a group.

Me too, I don’t want to stand in front of the class completely alone and explain everything. I would just get nervous. :sweat_smile::cloud:


I prefer solo presentations. You don’t depend on anyone and you can work in your own speed without someone complaining that you are taking too long. And since I’m the only not lazy student in my class, I would have to do the whole group project by myself anyways, so it wouldn’t be very different from a solo project, I would just have to do even more work. And our teachers also love to give the same grade for the whole group so my grade would go down if someone doesn’t do their part of their presentation properly :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::green_heart:


Because I don’t like to depend on anyone and I can do everything at my own speed.




I like both!

Pros of solo projects:

  • You can do whatever you want to do, there’s no risk of being dragged into an idea you hate.
  • Credit = 100% yours.

Cons of solo projects:

  • More work to be done yourself.
  • You have to present everything yourself.
  • All of the attention is on you :eyes:
  • If you fail, you can’t blame it on someone else :eyes:

Pros of group projects:

  • You could bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Not all the attention is on you.
  • If you fail, you can shift the blame :smiling_imp: (jk don’t do that)
  • Everyone contributes (hopefully, anyway) meaning there’s less work for you to do.

Cons of group projects:

  • “Let’s do this idea!” “No, let’s do THIS idea!” “Nah, this idea is better.” “MINE IS BEST”
  • Arguments over who’s in charge, who’s the decorator, etc.
  • Not all the credit goes to you.
  • You’ve done your part and you’re waiting for others to do theirs, but the day before it’s due, they haven’t, so you may have to do it yourself.

I prefer solo projects because everyone calls me the smartest in the class (:unamused:) so they decide that they’ll sit back and let me do everything. Then complain when I don’t do what they told me to do.


Same :eyes::eyes::eyes:


I prefer solo presentations!

Mainly because in a group presentation, if one person doesn’t put as much effort as the rest, our grade comes crashing down :expressionless::eyes:

But then again… I’m likely to forget about the presentation or leave it till last minute :sweat_smile::joy:

So, I think partner presentations are the best, only if you choose the other person tho :sunglasses:


It’s like… just do it yourself then.

Once, I was away one week so my group had to try and do a group project without me and then it was all my fault when they didn’t bother doing it


Hate both :sweat_smile:

Solo cons:

  • All eyes are on you :eyes:
  • You have to talk the whole time + if you forget or mess up your lines there isn’t other student to help you
  • You have to do all the work
  • If people ask questions at the end you have to provide all the answers

Group cons:

  • That one student that self appoints themselves leader, gives you nothing to do/the really basic stuff then whines about how you did nothing and they did everything
  • That one person that refuses to do anything and benefits off of the high grade the presentation gets
  • Arguments
  • Getting put in a group w/ obnoxious kids because you’re quiet and it will bUilD yOuR CoNfIDeNcE

I hate presentations with a passion to be honest. If I want to do a solo presentation, I would just hand in the work to the teacher privately.

Group presentations are the worst because there will always be that group expecting one person to do all of the work.


Solo presentations suck cuz I don’t like hogging attention.
Group presentations suck cuz I still have to play a part and I’m still being looked at.
I’d rather write an essay

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Same :laughing:

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I only like group presentations better Bc I don’t like presenting by myself Bc I’m really shy. If I had the option not to present I’d take that :joy:


Me too :joy::rose::two_hearts:


Same. If not an essay, group project


Group presentations! I get too nervous if its not a group presentation!

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One time though I was working with a girl who did no work, and with the group project you have to do more work cuz it’s a group.

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