Some help for you to create your own forum not to be rude or disrespectful to others forum 🤔😁

There a way to create your own forum since my friend did for her story on Wattpad. If you want to go and make your own forum.
Here are three websites that you can choose from.

Here sample amagicpiano forum she created since she made her own. I join her since she was very sad and lonely :disappointed:.

So don’t be afraid to make your own forum so you can do your own way. :grin:

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Hi, @autumngreen40

We don’t really allow advertising other forums on here and I can tell you why:

You see, the problem is that these forums are kinda struggling at the moment – both financially and in traffic. The more forums that our users create, the more the traffic from here gets split up and it really hurts us.

I really need the forums to work or I might have to close them down. We’re already competing with Episode and Wattpad, and it’s a lot of stress for the @ForumStaff.

Instead of having 10 forums all with 5 people on them, wouldn’t it be better to have one forum with 50 people on it so that we can all talk and not be lonely?

So I can’t stop anyone from making their own forum and I won’t try. However, I have spent hundreds of dollars to keep this place standing, so I’m gonna have to put my foot down and not allow people to advertise other forums which could take traffic away from here.

This place means a lot to me and I really need it to work.

I hope you understand!


I did edit the post to remove the links and pics that might advertise other forums. I’m locking the post, unfortunately, so that no one can add more links.

You aren’t in trouble, so don’t worry!


Thanks you for that, I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone but amagicpiano did make her own forum since she got kick out of other fourm.

She been posting it on Instagram like crazy.

Plus I was outside riding my bike.

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@moderators you can closed it now. :innocent:

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Closed at OP request!