Some of my favorite urban legends. (This is me we’re talking about. Things are going to get disturbing.)

Hey guys! Because this weeks theme is Urban legends, I’m going to share some of my favorites with you. Now, if you know me, I can get super dark, so viewer digression advised! Oh. You’re still here? Alright then. The first legend is called high beams. A high school senior is driving home from a basketball game and sees a car pull out behind her. She thinks nothing of it until she turns a corner and realizes the car is following her, flashing it’s headlights on and off. Freaked out, she pulls over at a gas station and the man in the car behind her gets out and pulls out a gun. Terrified, she calls the police. When they get there, the police move to arrest the man, but he points to the woman’s back seat, where a escaped mental patient with a knife is crouched. The man explains that every time the mental patient went to stab her, he’d flash his headlights, causing the man to duck down.
Next one. This is called Kidney thief. Eyeless Jack has entered the chat Essentially, a man wakes up in a tub of ice with a note saying to go to the hospital immediately. He looks, and sees crude stitching where one of his kidneys was. Yep…organs being sold on the black market.
The last three are from Japan. Kuichisake-onna, otherwise known as the slit mouthed woman was a woman who was mutilated and killed by having her mouth slit. Now, she roams the streets of Japan, wearing a face mask. She will ask you if she’s pretty. If you say no, she kills you. If you say yes, she removes her mask, revealing her mouth. If you again say yes, she cuts your mouth like hers. If you say no, she kills you. The only way to get away is to say “So So.” When she asks you.
The next one is called Teke Teke. A girl was cut in half by a train, and the teke teke sound is her dragging her upper body as she moves. If she encounters you, she’ll slice you in half like she is by using her nails.
The final one is called Tominos Hell. It’s a poem that if you read it aloud, you’ll die. I mean, you can read it aloud, but do it in Japanese.
That’s all, and sleep well~


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“Sleep well”? I will.

I felt like I was reading an actual story book :nerd_face: This one is really interesting

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I will sleep as a baby :star_struck::sleeping::sleeping_bed:t5:

Oh, thanks! I just typed it up from memory.

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Humans Lick Too. Enjoy.

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I remember I read this on some app… Watppad maybe?

I got that from a Reddit video.

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Anyone have any legends you think I’d like?

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