SongPop Apps that Challenge Your Mind!

I always enjoyed playing these games. I only played SongPop 2 though. You had to guess the singer, song, and other things like that to get more in-game currency. The more you get right the more things you get to do. Also, you go by genres as well until you can successfully get all the questions right. At least, that is what I remember when I played it. Click on the links below see which of the two apps perk your interest. Links are for android and apple phones.
Second App

Third App


I’m absolutely obsessed with this game. I hadn’t played it in years, but seeing the task to update this thread made me remember it and download it again. I really recommend it. You have to play SomgPop 2, though. The first one doesn’t work anymore.

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I have them on my tablet. I haven’t played them in awhile.

I feel like I might have played these before :thinking: or something like these

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