Sorry I haven’t been on lately

Sorry, I have been on lately since keeping up on my health by walk around the house or walk around shopping center. After Monday morning I should be back on normal. If you plan on going to beach please don’t go during the night, you may run over cats, dogs, and deers. It happened to me two years ago.

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I just made it to the beach 2am Wednesday and I still tired today.

I was really want to go shopping at the beach but my mom, dad, and sister want to sit at the beach but it boring here. But I can’t wait to return home to my own bed

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You don’t need to apologize :eyes: :joy:

Come back when you’re ready.


I should be able to get back on this Monday or Tuesday I hope.

Dang it, it been rain here at the beach but I just got a plain dirty banana smoothie but unfortunately my mom and other sister had alcohol.

It was good but now I’m cold :cold_face:

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Closed due to inactivity :innocent: