Spore and other games like that!

Spore is a game where you create a creature by going through the different stages of evolution. If you get eaten by a bigger creature you will come back in the same stage you were in at the time. It’s a cute game that has been played by many gamers. It came out in 2008 when EA was making its core games such as The Sims 3, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect series. The link below connects you to the game.


Similar Games:

Viva Pinata - You can only play this on Xbox 360 or PC if you buy the computer version. EA does have the game available in its EA Play Pro Beta Launcher under cloud games. I’ll link the amazon link where you can buy it. It’s a fun game where you are in control of a garden of pinata creatures! This game is expensive now since it is an older game. It will probably be at your local thrift game store for a cheaper price.

Unravel - Unravel is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Yarny, a character made from a single thread of yarn, must embark on a larger-than-life adventure. The link below connects you to the Origin version.


I always loved spore. I loved the second stagezthen didn’t like the town and city stages and then again LOVED the space one.


Lol yeah, I know what you mean!

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Yes!!! Spore was awesome! I loved playing that game so much.


Yep, I have the game installed on this computer.

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